Client of The Week: Emily!

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Congratulations to our Client of the Week, Emily!

I’ve been with Jada Blitz Fitness since August of 2021. I was interested in finding a gym where I would feel comfortable and confident while working out. My journey started when I found Tiffany on social media. I was looking for someone who could help me create a healthier lifestyle, after I went through 6 months of chemo treatments for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. After remission, I knew I was ready to put my health first. Tiffany was eager to get me in and help me start this journey.


My initial goal was to find a routine suitable for my busy schedule, allowing me to feel motivated and excited to workout. This goal was achieved within a few weeks of joining Jada Blitz! My current goals are to keep a consistent routine an to practice a healthier “out of the gym” lifestyle. Every time I see Tiffany, she is always able to answer any questions I may have.

Training with Tiffany was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself! I workout with Tiffany every Monday and Wednesday at 5:30am. She has helped me transform into a better version of myself. When I first met Tiffany, I immediately felt comfortable with her. As someone brand new to working out, I was definitely intimidated walking into a very unknown environment. After my first training session with Tiffany, I knew this was going to be a life changing experience! Tiffany sets new goals for me & helps me achieve them each week. I am incredibly thankful for the experience I’ve had during our sessions!

I love my sessions with Tiffany. Each time I go, I learn something new or hit a new personal record. Tiffany is a great instructor, and has made it easier for me to understand the machines and correct form. I can tell she really cares about her clients’ success. She makes it known that she has a special place in her heart for each of her clients. One of my favorite memories with Tiffany is when we were working upstairs and the 2000s throwback songs were on. We were both cracking up as we shared our middle school memories with each other!


Some advice I would give is to just do it! Once you begin your fitness journey, you won’t want to stop! The trainers make it fun and seeing your results from learning the proper way is unbelievable!


The staff at Jada Blitz are my favorite part about going to the gym. Karen always has a warm welcome every morning. I always look forward to our chats while she makes the best shakes after my workout! Brandi has great HIIT classes! I love Brandi’s energy and willingness to help and assist me when I need it. Jessica has some of the best pilates classes! Jessica is always smiling and excited for another new day of helping others reach their goals. The staff at this gym is the reason I have stuck to working out!


Emily is such a hard worker, she really gives 110% every single session. She’s always willing to push herself when adding on that extra weight. Some days I feel feisty and my leg days can be a little rough, but Emily pushed through it on her first session like a champ! We always have so much fun working together, not only is she a client but also a friend. Emily came to me wanting to learn more of the basics when it comes to lifting. In our three months together, she has increased her weight on all of her lifts and has become much stronger and much more confident. Emily has been an amazing client and I cannot wait to see her continue to succeed.

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