Client of The Week: Don!

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Congratulations to our Client of the Week, Don!

I am coming up on my first anniversary as a member of Jada Blitz Fitness in April. I have been going to the gym on and off for years with little consistency. Since I lost my wife to lung cancer in November of 2018, I was now a single dad and my children’s only surviving parent (my kids are now going to be 20 and 25); I needed to start taking care of myself for them. My daughter and have been a member at a number of facilities before, but I never stuck with it so for the first time I decided I would take the plunge and get a personal trainer. At a competitor’s facility, I met Nick and he became my first trainer. He instilled in me the drive and ambition to keep coming to work out. I began to lose some weight and tone up as we worked together. We also had conversations with regards to the quality of the gym we were at and our disappointment with it. I followed Nick over to Jada Blitz Fitness and that has turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made.


My goal was to get into the habit of working out and taking care of myself again. Having Nick as a trainer made it a commitment. Originally you go because you are paying for a trainer and don’t want to waste the money. Over time I learned I am going because I want to go and want to be there for myself. It does also still help to have the trainer on those days where it is harder to get motivated. I do not want to let myself down and let Nick down as I know he has his own schedule to keep up. I am thankful that he works around my work schedule to get me in and pushes me to be a better self

The training experience with Nick has been enjoyable as well as very beneficial for my health. I was skeptical that I could go to a trainer that was so much younger than I was. Nick is easy to communicate with and pushes me to work harder and keep going. Working with him I do exercises and lifting that I would not choose to do if I only worked out alone. By consistently working out with him it has developed in me the drive that I want to stay involved and do better for myself. I also like that when the weather allows we do some work outside and mix up different exercises.  


When I started at Jada Blitz, I was doing it to stay healthy and in shape so that I would be around for my kids. I have learned over that time in order to stay committed you need to be doing it for more than that. You need to do it for yourself, for a better you and by doing that you are also achieving the goal of better health and life for those around you. 


I have been to most of the gyms, Jada Blitz is different. PEOPLE WANT TO BE HERE. What a great slogan. Having owners Justin and Ashley in the club shows the commitment they have to the staff and clients and to health in general and I like to support their mission. They’re the complete package! They do events, children’s workouts, fundraisers, merchandise, food and more! I didn’t mention that I am now on a KETO diet and purchase my dinners from Balanced Body. Making two separate dinners for myself and my kids was becoming tedious. Ashley has worked with me where I can purchase basically my monthly KETO dinners, have them delivered to Jada Blitz and then I freeze them. I found out that purchasing the items separately at the store for myself wasn’t working and I was wasting as much as I was using. Balanced body made the KETO experience possible and the result has brought my sugar and weight down. Kudos to Ashley and her staff.

The staff at Jada Blitz has been great.  The friendliness of those at the front desk (always a hello and goodbye is good business), the outgoing trainers (Nick included), and the entire staff from owner down make the clients feel like we are more than just customers. Jimmy for PT, what a great idea to have PT right in the club. Karen at the front is an asset to the business and always has a great disposition even early in the morning and is great to sit down and chat with! Manny works his butt off keeping the facility clean and should be commended. Little things in the locker room like the q-tips and the shower supplies are a nice touch.


I first started training Don when I was a personal trainer at LA Fitness. He was one of my first clients ever! We hit it off instantly. There’s never really a dull moment when we are working together- the banter is always appreciated. Don is a very intelligent and amicable person. Something I’ve enjoyed the most, during our sessions together, is that our conversations go beyond the gym and training setting. He always provides an insight on things that I would have never had that particular perspective on. But don’t be fooled, his talking will cease when the exercise becomes challenging because his effort level is very high!

Since Don has started working with Jimmy for physical therapy, it’s been really awesome hearing him speak about what he’s learned and integrated from that experience. Both in our sessions and on his own time, I can tell he puts in a great deal of thought into his movements. Don is always dedicated, but I’ve seen his dedication grow even more since we started training at Jada Blitz. Between dietary changes for his health and making the extra efforts beyond our sessions, I really feel the improvements he has made are reflective of these.

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