Client of The Week: Dave!

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Congratulations to our Client of the Week, Dave!

My fitness journey began in March after I recovered from total ankle replacement surgery. Having been laid up for 7 months, I became disgusted with how I looked and felt and knew I needed to make a change. I have been with Jada Blitz for 2 months now. I came here because I was previously training with Anthony and wanted to continue working with him. When he joined the Jada Blitz family, I joined the Jada Blitz family.


Initially, the goal was to lose 50lbs and I am happy to say I reached that goal in the beginning of July! My current goal is to lose 80lbs. Currently, I am down 70lbs.
I have been training with Anthony for 5 months and I give everything I have at every session. My training experience with him has been awesome as he gets the best out of me. I am walking my daughter down the aisle September 3rd which helped me realize that I didn’t like the way I looked or felt anymore. My current goal is to lose 80lbs and one day the goal will be 100lbs. I have never met anyone like Anthony who is so eager to get me to reach my goals. I know it’s all on me to put in the time and work but honestly, I wouldn’t have gotten this far without him. Big thanks to Anthony for that!! I enjoy coming to the gym and know I’m going to get the results I am looking for. Every Saturday I weigh in and usually can’t wait to let Anthony know what happened for that week.

I am always building memories with Anthony so it is hard to pick one in particular but hitting the loss of 50lbs definitely stands out. One thing I’ve learned is to always listen to your trainer. They know what they’re doing and know what is best to help you reach your goals.


My advice to anyone trying to better themselves is to work with a personal trainer. They know how to get you to where you want to be.


I have met a lot of staff since I came to Jada. Everyone has been very encouraging and interested in my progress.


Dave came to me in December 2021 after having a total ankle replacement surgery. He wanted to lose 50lbs in order to achieve his ultimate goal, which was to walk his beautiful daughter down the aisle on her wedding day. Working with Dave is a pleasure because he shows up every single session and gives it his all no matter what. Dave’s goal was to lose 50lbs by September 2022, but I’ll never forget the call I received from him on July 2nd, 2022 when he reached his goal of losing 50lbs. We were both ecstatic and screaming with joy (tears may or may not have been shed). It’s moments like those that make all the obstacles worth it. It is now end of August and he has lost 70lbs, exceeding his goal by 20lbs with time to spare before the wedding. Dave has crushed a goal that he didn’t even think was possible and is still going and hungry for more progress. Our next goal together is to tear up the dance floor at his daughters wedding.

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