Client of The Week: Danielle!

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Congratulations to our Client of the Week, Danielle!

I joined Jada Blitz Fitness in January 2020. The BAC was closing and a group fitness instructor, Alex, was making the move to Jada Blitz so I figured I would come as well. I’ve taken her classes on and off for 10 years and have always found them to be so fun and a way to get myself to the gym. Shortly after I joined, COVID hit and everything shut down. I was moving less, eating out more, and becoming more and more aware of my unhealthy habits. I started doing some monthly fitness challenges on my own, but found I couldn’t really stick with it. In July, I called the gym and inquired about a personal trainer and that’s how I got paired with Gabby! About 6 months into my training program, I also got connected with Justin for nutrition and have totally changed my habits with eating, sleep, and exercise.


Initially I wanted to just lose weight, honestly I had no idea what I was doing. I wasn’t eating enough and doing way too much cardio and not enough strength training. Working with Gabby and Justin really helped me get on the right track to meet these goals. Currently, I am working on building muscle by lifting more and getting stronger. I have also gotten into obstacle course races and other challenges. I recently ran the Air Climb at Highmark stadium and I am planning on running in two muddy obstacle courses this summer!

Gabby has been such an amazing motivator, coach, and cheerleader in this process. She knows when I try to cheat and take the easy way out and she knows when I am trying my hardest. She pushes me in each training session and we always have so much fun! I have really enjoyed getting to know Gabby! We both work in schools and really understand the challenges at work. She has become a confidant and a friend! A fun memory I have of us together revolves around doing split squats. I hate doing split squats. But she always makes me do them with a smile on her face. There was one day I was complaining more than usual and I lost my balance and fell, but in slow motion. Funniest moment together.

I am capable of hard things. This really comes to focus when I do various challenges. I remember muddy dash last summer, I knew if I didn’t stop walking I would sit down and not move anymore. But I kept going and starting saying “left, right” out loud to focus on taking one step at a time. And I finished. And it was the best feeling.


Working with a trainer creates a partnership of accountability. I have changed my lifestyle where the gym is my daily stress relief. But having a partner, like Gabby, pushes me to lifting heavier weights, running faster, and having more self confidence!



I have been training Danielle for over a year now! She has been my most consistent client throughout the last year and ALWAYS ready to work!
Danielle and I have so many memories working together. Each session brings a new load of hard work and fun. I think my favorite memory was the day I taught Danielle how to trap bar dead lift. I saw so much excitement in her eyes as she was learning a new skill. Plus she was extremely determined and fearless. That’s something I admire about Danielle. She’s a go getter and always wants to do better than the day before. Now Danielle deadlifts like a champ! I don’t even have to correct her form anymore!
The thing I enjoy most about working with Danielle is she’s become one of my close friends. We always joke and say our training sessions are also like therapy sessions. I get to learn about her life outside of the gym and she learns about mine. We work in similar professions which is nice to be able to chat about together. Our sessions are always SO fun. Im always on the verge of tears from laughing so hard. We have the perfect combination of fun, but hard work. Danielle knows I love to push her and she can totally take it. She even gives me a run for my money sometimes!
Im so proud of the progress I’ve seen in Danielle’s confidence. That’s the major thing to me that has stuck out. She’s got ME signing up for mud runs and marathons with her now! She has such an incredible drive and makes coming to work so much fun. I’ve watched her grow into a confident, BAD ASS! She can take herself through a tough workout now all by herself. Someday she’s going to be an extremely successful trainer, I just know it!
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