Client of The Week: Carrie!

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Congratulations to our Client of the Week, Carrie!

I’ve been with Jada Blitz Fitness for the past few years and been with my trainer Trey for over four years. There was a time when I could barely walk, I decided to join a gym and met Trey; he changed my life. His training, support and expertise took me from a daily routine of unbearable pain to most days with zero pain. Through his dedication to my growth, we were able to figure out that I had a serious issue. When I went to a doctor, he informed me I had a torn labral and needed my hip replaced. Not a day goes by that I don’t appreciate how very healthy I am now.


My initial goals were simply to be able to walk without pain. Now I can do whatever my heart desires! My most recent goal was to be able to go on a vacation (Cruise) and keep up with the fun excursions. I walked 10,000+ steps a day, swam laps or snorkeled most days, and went up and down 10-15 flights of stairs daily with ease.

My training experience with Trey has been a gift to myself. Not only is he driven, smart, and educated but he also has a great sense of humor. It is a pleasure to go and work out with Trey as he pushes me past all of my self-determined barriers. During a recent bring a friend to meet your trainer session I pushed my husband on the sled and dead lifted more than I ever had before. He is a constant reminder of who I am capable of being, not who I used to be. Trey never lets me get away with anything! He listens to me and is genuinely concerned for my health and well-being as much as I.

One of my fondest memories is the day that Trey realized that I might have a torn labral and something might even be wrong with my hip. While Trey is not a doctor, he listened to my concerns, did some research, and recommended that I see a doctor. That was over three years ago and honestly, prior to that day, I thought my life was going to be filled with pain. My time with Trey has improved my quality of life significantly.


This is the gym for you if you are serious about your health and working towards your goals. The people at this gym come there to work out and are there consistently day after day striving to be better. The attitude of the Owners, Justin and Ashley Draper, are excellent; this is a family-oriented gym as well.


The team at Jada Blitz is awesome! Most everyone is happy, pleasant, and helpful. The staff goes out of their way to say hello and call you by name. One of my favorite things about Jada Blitz is Dr. Jimmy McMullen the Physical Therapist; Trey referred him to me, and both Jimmy and Trey work together to assist me at being as healthiest version of myself. I have a great team supporting me and I really enjoy this gym!



It’s been a wild ride. Carrie is basically a different person now. She went from a limping mess that hurt doing a glute bridge, to a strong, vibrant and pain free badass, that moves through the world in a much different way. We both have strong personalities and can mess with each other and watching her live a more and more empowered life. One of my favorite memories, working with Carrie, is just seeing her overall progress. From the day we found out she did in fact have a torn labrum, to the day she pulled her husband on the sled four years later, she’s always progressing.

I believe a good lesson would be that, you’re under no obligation to be who you’ve been thus far, and limitations are only in your head.

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