Client of The Week: Brian!

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Congratulations to our Client of the Week, Brian!

I joined Jada Blitz in 2021 when I was not completely satisfied with training classes at my previous facility. I was looking for something more comprehensive – a place to call home in terms of a variety of training options that I could pick and chose from, develop new connections and a sense of camaraderie – being surrounded by others of various ages who are all looking to better themselves, each in their own way, in a positive and supporting environment.


Working as a cardiologist, a significant portion of my everyday is spent educating, encouraging, and motivating patients to pursue a healthier lifestyle in terms of their diet and activity regimen. I myself need to practice what I preach!

Prior to meeting Travis, I had undergone back surgery for a lumbar disc herniation. After a few months of laying low, I wanted to get back to the gym, but couldn’t help but wonder “Am I just going to re-injure myself?” Then I met Travis and he has been a game changer.

I really wanted to train with somebody who had experience and who could confidently take me on. Sure enough, during out first interview, Travis immediately put to rest any concerns, as he himself has dealt with back and other training issues. Our initial goal was to make my spine “bulletproof” by working to strengthen my core and back. Sure enough, I’ve been doing fantastic!

The challenges however, did not stop there! Not long into it, I experienced reactivation of chronic shoulder impingement syndrome causing significant right shoulder pain when lifting anything more than light weights. With the assistance of Dr. Jimmy McMullen on site coordinating with Travis, the issue also has resolved. So now I am excited to continue my journey in a safe, healthy training environment.

I have really enjoyed working with Travis, he is avidly attentive to proper form and technique, and literally nothing slips by him! His approach is very analytical and solidly based on functional anatomy. Each muscle and body part should ideally move and train in a certain way, in order to optimize function and performance.

Also discovering that a key portion of both my back and shoulder issues was related to chronic, poor posture at work – always hunched over a laptop or computer leaning over to examine patients day in and day out, and carrying the bulk of stress and tension in my shoulders and neck. I have made significant changes in my daily routine, apart from what I do at the gym.


Find a gym you are very comfortable going to on a regular basis, where the staff are welcoming and supportive, and where you can work at your own pace, not worried about what those around you are doing, not comparing yourself to others, just in a comfortable, non-judgemental space, striving to become an overall healthier, happier, and more efficient and productive version of yourself.


Certainly I could not have made this progress without the experience and expertise of Travis, as well as supportive services from Dr. Jimmy McMullen, and of course the fantastic staff at the front desk who are always welcoming with a quick smile and joke, and who make really awesome shakes!

Thank you Jada Blitz!


Brian was in the training program here at Jada for a little while before he started working with me. After his original trainer found another opportunity, our Personal Training Director paired Brian with me. It was a great pairing because Brian was regularly seeing the in-house Physical Therapist Dr. McMullen, founder of Kinetx PT. I also see Dr. McMullen and couldn’t be happier with what I have learned and the issues I have eliminated. I was able to collaborate with Dr. McMullen to determine the best course of action for Brian.
In the time Brian and I have worked together, we were able to continue his progress related to his shoulder and back pain rendering these issues almost nonexistent. More so we have packed on a great deal of muscle and strength.
We couldn’t have done without Brian’s receptiveness and determination. Brian’s drive to correct his mechanical issues with trust in the process is the reason he is making so much progress. You can lead a meathead to protein but you can’t make them swole. They have to put in the time and effort. Brian has certainly done that inside and outside of our sessions!
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