Client of The Week: Brandy!

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Congratulations to our Client of the Week, Brandy!

I started working out at Jada Blitz Fitness back in 2018 with Jalal when Jada Blitz was at the old location. I was with Jalal, a year prior to him joining the Jada Blitz Personal Training team, and followed him so we could continue to maintain my healthy lifestyle, post competition.


My fitness journey began in 2016. I originally started working out with a very good friend of mine who started me on my weight loss and healthy lifestyle journey! I was then introduced to Jalal when my crazy self decided to compete in a bikini competition at the age 42! We trained for 5 months and I was stage ready in April of 2018! It was the hardest thing I’ve had to do. I am a full time working mom with two active kids, but I disciplined myself and made it work. Having my family support me was my biggest blessing! I won my age division as well! It was a proud moment in my life and I was so happy to celebrate it with Jalal, who pushed and supported me through it all! A month or so after, our Fitness 19 location closed and I decided wherever Jalal went to train is where I would go.
Competing was the biggest challenge in this journey! I wanted to prove age was just a number and show my kids that I would not quit no matter how hard it got; we don’t quit! Jalal and I won that competition together, and we have trained together ever since!”

We worked through the pandemic challenges, Jalal was even coaching me from the sidelines when the gym was closed! He’s told me at times I can do more than some of his 20 year old clients! Jalal pushes me hard; he knows what I’m capable of and is always encouraging to push on even when I give him the “mom face!” To me, Jalal is not just a trainer, he has become my family! One of my friends also trains with him and they and loves his tough workouts!


My advice is that age is just a number! Will yourself to do it, whatever your goal is, because both you and your body deserve it!


Jada Blitz Fitness has been a blessing, as everything you need to live a healthy lifestyle is in one place! The Jada Blitz Staff are always friendly and encouraging and the facility is amazing!


I’ve been training with Brandy since 2017; she is my longest standing client, and over the years, has become a good friend. Brandy even encourages me to push myself! When we stared training, I helped her complete a “bucket list goal.” Brandy wanted to do a bodybuilding show competition in bikini. She walked away with 4 trophies! Her confidence through the roof! The joy in her face is something I’ll never forget. What I enjoy most about working with Brandy is after all this time, she still has the drive and finds new goals for herself. We make sure to have fun every session. Our sessions feel like meeting up with my buddy, feeding off her energy and support, in and outside of the gym, is priceless.

I’d like to thank you, Brandy, for the almost 5 years of training and sticking with your boy! I wouldn’t be the trainer I am if it wasn’t for you. I am grateful  for you helping me gain more knowledge in not only training but also in life through our journey. Also, thank you mom face!

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