Client of The Week: Amanda!

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Congratulations to our Client of the Week, Amanda!

I have been a Jada Blitz member for over four years. What drew me into Jada Blitz Fitness was the atmosphere. I wanted a gym where I would be motivated and feel comfortable. Before settling on Jada Blitz, I was hopping around to see what other gyms offered, but to me, Jada Blitz is home. Originally, I started training with Mike, who I loved; however, I noticed the style in how Jenny would train her clients and I admired her strength and booty. So, I asked her one day if she could train me and here we are!


My goals are to improve my strength. Being on my feet all day at work, and spraining my ankle a few years back, I found that my ankles were super weak. I wanted to learn a better form and Jenny has taught me I can do so much more than I thought.

I will always have Jenny one time a week just for a good push. Before my wedding, I worked out with her two times a week and I saw a huge difference in my performance. I’m happy where I am and Jenny gives me the push I need to keep me going and staying strong!

My training experience with Jenny has been fun. Honestly I love all our time together. Training with Jenny is like hanging out with your friend, she makes you feel comfortable while giving the extra push you wouldn’t give yourself.

I have so many favorite memories with Jenny it’s hard to choose just one! However, this one time, when I was doing one arm presses, when she “wasn’t looking” I thought I would used my other arm to help me and she called me out! Even when I’m slacking we laugh, and then she ends up making me do it the right way.


My advice for anyone thinking about personal training: Do it, it is worth it! Self care is so important, the feeling afterwards is worth every sweat. You also need to be consistent, if you don’t you fall off. Don’t beat yourself up over it if you do, just start back up again (Jenny taught me that).


The Jada Blitz staff are amazing! I just love it there.


My experience, training with Amanda, has been nothing short of amazing! Even though working out is definitely not her favorite activity, she still comes in and kills it. Whether she is exhausted or just not feeling it, Amanda is always positive and leaves in an even better mood then when we started. She made outstanding progress for her wedding. I am so proud of how far she pushed herself. With a busy schedule like her’s, it is not easy!

Amanda is a great client because, although we only train one day a week, she is always coming to me with new goals and new things she wants to try or work on. We talk about everything under the sun during our sessions, especially new tv shows! We have a great dynamic and time flies by way to fast!

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