Client of The Week: Abby!

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Congratulations to our Client of the Week, Abby!

I joined Jada Blitz Fitness in February 2021. I saw my friend, Cori Gullo, posting about Jada Blitz and her experience there. Jada seemed to have the kind of environment I wanted to be a part of. What pushed me to Jada Blitz was that I gained about 40 pounds in just a few months after my dad unexpectedly passed away in October of 2020, and lockdown was taking a toll on me as well. I started to gravitate toward unhealthy coping mechanisms like overeating, drinking too much, and I lost my love for working out. I’ve lost weight before on my own but these circumstances were different, and I knew I could benefit most if I had someone to help hold me accountable.



My initial goals were to lose over 30 pounds and become more toned and muscular. I’ve lost close to 30 pounds now and have become so much stronger. My current goals are to lose another 10-15 pounds, and gain more strength. I’ve recently started training for a 5k as well. My progress is going really well which inspires me to keep going.

My experience training with Tiffany has been great, she really pushes me during our workouts and teaches me I can do the things I think I can’t. Over the summer Tiffany had me flipping a tire outside. I thought “There is no way I can do that,” and once again she encouraged me and I was able to surprise myself with what I could do. In the beginning I had no idea what to expect from personal training sessions, but for a long time now they’ve felt like working out with a friend, and I really love that I’m able to feel that way with my trainer.


For anyone thinking of joining or getting a personal trainer, it has been so worth it. It’s a family environment I’ve never experienced before at any gym. Plus, personal training has helped me mentally and physically more than I can put into words.


My experience with the Jada Blitz Staff has been awesome! Everyone I’ve taken a class with has been really welcoming. People at the front desk knew me by name so soon after I joined that I was shocked, I could just tell everyone really cared.



Abby and I have been training for about a year. In our time spent together, she had made tremendous improvements, both physically and mentally. When Abby first started personal training, she knew the bare minimum when it came to exercise. Over our time together, she gained a lot of knowledge, strength, and even a passion for fitness. After just a few sessions, Abby knew this was everything she needed to make improvements in her life. This has led to her working with our certified Nutrition Coach as well!

Abby always comes in willing to work! She’s always ready for whatever exercise I throw at her and is always eager for the weight increases with whatever we are doing. We have been working on compound lifts, and she’s doing incredible! Who knows, she may even become a powerlifter! One memory that comes to mind is Abby’s very first inBody scan! No one likes to see a number on a scale; however, comparing her very first scan to where she’s ad now, she was so shocked at the difference that we made in such a short amount of time by just simply adding in weight training. That fueled Abby’s fire to want to lift heavier and train more.

I always ask my clients what’s one goal for the upcoming year. Abby set the goal to be able to start running. Within the past month, Abby has gone from not being able to run for longer than a minute, to running 30 mins straight at a great pace. It is such an amazing feeling seeing your clients face light up when they share their fitness accomplishments. Abby has also started taking group fitness classes to get her workout in on the days we don’t train, and has even started coming in to workout on her own. The progress that Abby has made in the past year is everything a trainer could ever want. Seeing someone have a new outlook on life and being able to do things they never have been able to is the best feeling! I look forward to the months ahead working with Abby and cannot wait to see where her progress will go next!

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