Client of The Month: Jessica!

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Congratulations to our Client of the Month, Jessica!

I joined Jada Blitz in January of this year. I had been following the Instagram account for quite some time and was very interested in everything the gym has to offer!

Since 2020, my health has slowly declined. I required additional medication for high blood pressure, my cholesterol had increased, my weight had ballooned to the highest it’s ever been, and I was close to being in a pre-diabetic category. This is when I decided it was time to take back control of my health. As a nurse who works in the Cardiac Operating Room, I see patients everyday that have similar stories to me. I knew I had to change my mindset and start living a more healthy lifestyle so that I don’t end up on that operating table myself.


My initial goals included improving my overall health, increasing muscle mass, decreasing weight, and learning how to eat for success. I have been able to reach all of these goals and more thanks to Liv

Liv has been an amazing Personal Trainer and I’m so incredibly grateful for everything that she has done to help me improve. From the very beginning, she has tailored a successful training program to meet my needs. Liv has taught me so much about how to properly train and fuel my body for success.  I look forward to our training sessions because I know she will do everything she can to help me improve and keep pushing me harder!

Liv is such a great motivator in all aspects. Her words of encouragement and motivation fuel me to keep going. She also is a fantastic listener and I have really enjoyed getting to know her on a personal level, as well as a professional one. As I continue on my fitness journey I am looking forward to meeting new goals and learning more from Liv.

Currently, we are working together to set and accomplish new goals.  Liv is a master of her art, and I feel honored that she is working so hard to help me succeed!


I have learned that nothing happens overnight! Wherever you are starting on your fitness journey you have to remember that it is in fact a journey. Focus on attainable goals and put in the work! Everything you do will pay off and you will see results.


My experience at Jada Blitz has been amazing!  There is always a smiling, welcoming face from the moment you walk in the door. The facility has so much to offer and is very well maintained.  The convenience of the Shake Bar and Balanced Body Meals is awesome!  I have taken advantage of both and it is so convenient to have everything in one location. I have recommended Jada Blitz to several colleagues and will continue to sing your praises!


Fitness is a lifestyle.


Jessica came to me about three months ago, looking to change her habits, mentality, and have extra accountability. Since day one she has pushed herself, and has been determined to reach her goals.

Training with Jessica has been rewarding and enjoyable. As a Personal Trainer, we strive to push our clients to succeed and she does just that . She works so hard, gives her 100% every single session, and trusts the process. Jess has gained muscle, lost inches and overall, has become so much stronger. This is only the beginning of her journey!

I enjoy working with Jess because we have girl chats, talk about the day, and enjoy the company of each other. She is such a great role model to others starting their journey in fitness because she is consistent and trusts me as her trainer to guide her. I couldn’t be more proud of her and I look forward to our sessions each week.
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