Olivia Barone

    Olivia Barone joined the Jada Blitz team in May of 2022, as a Certified Personal Trainer. She has a strong passion for growth and helping others achieve their personal bests. Growing up as a dancer, Olivia was embarking on her own health and fitness journey. Through dance, she found a rewarding passion for fitness and nutrition.

    Olivia is not only a wellness and nutrition coach, but she is also a group fitness coach at Level Red Boxing. Olivia plans to continue her education by attending culinary school in 2023, to become a private chef.

    Olivia believes she impacts her client’s lives in more ways than just fitness. She guides them not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Being able to help people better themselves is what makes her job as a coach and trainer very enjoyable. She gets no better sense of fulfillment than watching a client’s face and eyes light up when all their hard work pays off. She loves knowing she played a part in their success.

    Fitness and health is not one size fits all, finding what works for each individual is the key to a healthy fulfilling lifestyle.

    Olivia attended SUNY Erie Community College and graduated with an Optometry, BA degree. She is also NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certified as a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach.