Sarah McNamara

    Sarah is one of our Certified Nutrition Coaches at Jada Blitz Fitness and Balanced Body. She’s been a part of the Jada team since 2022 and a gym member since 2015. She loves to cook and create healthy foods and recipes. Sarah enjoys recreating healthier versions of some of our most guilty food pleasures.

    Jada Blitz is the first gym Sarah has ever worked at. She decided to become a Nutrition Coach because of her love for food and healthy living. Sarah played soccer and was a goalkeeper at Buffalo State College her freshman year. During her sophomore year, she had to stop play because of her concussion history. This led her to working out at Jada Blitz Fitness to stay active.

    Sarah truly believes that food is fuel. What we put into our body affects the outcome. Because so many people have an unhealthy relationships with food. Sarah wants to educate them about food, how it affects their bodies, and the results they see in and outside the gym.

    What we put into our bodies is what we get out. Properly nourishing our bodies is crucial in achieving our goals and living a healthy lifestyle.

    Sarah attended SUNY Buffalo State College and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice. She is also a NASM Certified Nutrition Coach.