Client of The Month: Alexis!

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Congratulations to our Client of the Month, Alexis!

I have been at Jada Blitz since mid July and started with Liv in the middle of August. I swam in college and was an athlete for most of my life however, once I graduated, I was burnt out and lost touch with my active side. I had been feeling uncomfortable in my body and realized I was making poor choices in regards to food and life habits. Coming to Jada was one of the best choices I’ve made. From the trainers to the classes, the gym has so much to offer.


My initial goals were to lose weight and start developing habits to better my lifestyle. I’m happy to say I’ve accomplished both of these! I still have some more weight to lose and muscle to gain but I have made great progress so far which is way better than I expected.

I have always had trouble losing weight, I believe it mostly was due to food. At first, I was incredibly skeptical of the nutrition program. I felt like I was eating a ton and was worried it wasn’t going to help me. But it has made all the difference. So far, I have lost 23lbs and a significant percentage of body fat.

My training experience with Liv has been amazing! She is professional yet I also feel like I am working with a really good friend. Having this bond has been amazing for me because I like to have fun but also feel like I can’t disappoint the person putting all this work in for me.

Liv has really helped me to understand my strengths. She continuously reminds me of the progress I have made and also challenges me with weight I wouldn’t choose to use on myself. On top of that, I have really enjoyed getting to know someone who shares similar values.

Every time I am with Liv, we laugh a lot while getting the work done. I am incredibly thankful for her patience, words of encouragement, and constant support. She has been there for me every time I need a workout, have a doubt, or a stupid question about food. I will forever be thankful for the way she has taught me to change how I see myself.

One thing I have taken away from my training experience so far is you’ll be able to feel the change before you see the change. Don’t let that discourage you. It’s a small bump to get over but eventually, you will see results!


Making a change is hard, but what you can accomplish is worth it. Being in the gym can be intimidating but having a trainer is so worth it!! Having someone to give you workouts, help with macros, and overall be that extra boost can do so much more than you think.


It’s been great. I take a lot of classes and the instructors are AMAZING. They make every class incredibly enjoyable.


Fitness to me is being happy with myself and the life I live everyday.


Alexis started with me back in the summer. Her goals included weight loss and gaining strength – overall, she wanted to be healthier. So far, she has worked beyond hard at doing all three. I love my sessions with Alexis because we have a lot of fun chatting about girl things, lifting heavy, and pushing PR’s. Alexis has so much strength and it has been so enjoyable to train her on how to lift with intensity.

Alexis is determined and driven to reach her goals. She has followed a macro plan, shows up to each workout, and trains hard. Alexis’s hard work is certainly paying off because she has lost weight and gained muscle.
What I enjoy most about working with Alexis is her work ethic. She never complains if a workout is too hard, always has a smile on her face (even when I’m slightly killing her), and she knows to be patient and trust the process with her goals. Overall, she is such a positive and amazing person to be around.
I can’t wait to watch Alexis continue to achieve all her goals. I am so beyond proud of her journey thus far!
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