Reilly’s Top 5 Tips for Finding Motivation

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It’s almost that time.. the kids are back in school, the Bills are on a preseason hot streak and your outdoor summer workouts are cooling off. The lure of a regular gym routine might be calling you back- or you might be struggling to find the motivation to get back in our doors after the summer off. We asked our head trainer Reilly for his top five tips for finding workout motivation – check them out below!

1) Keep Your Long Term Goals In Mind

Why are you looking to get back in the gym? Remember that goal every time you’re talking yourself out of working out. Leave it on a sticky note on your mirror, set a daily reminder of the goal in your phone, post it on your fridge- the more that goal stays forefront, the more likely you are to be motivated by it.

2) Set Smaller Goals To Stay On Track

We all have off days, or even off weeks. So once you have your long term goal, try setting smaller ones, broken down into monthly, weekly or even daily increments. Whether it’s drinking enough water, getting to the gym twice a week or taking the stairs at work, achieving these smaller, more attainable goals can help keep you motivated, and a lot less discouraged when you occasionally veer off track.

3) Get A Buddy – Or A Trainer!

Nothing beats an accountability buddy. When you know someone’s counting on you, it’s a lot harder to skip that gym session. Find a friend to try a group exercise class with or to pace you on the treadmill, or seek out a trainer if you don’t even know where to start.

4) Build It Into Your Day

It sounds corny, but packing your gym bag the night before makes it a LOT more likely you’ll actually get there the next day. You can also plug your gym time into your calendar and use the rest of your day to support it by drinking enough water and timing your meals so you have enough fuel to exercise- and just as important, enough to recover.

5) Treat Yourself

Labor Day sales, anyone? Buy the new sneakers, get the 2-for-$24 legging deal, invest in a trainer if you never have before. Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do, not a punishment for what it can’t. Treating everything about the gym like a celebration can have a huge shift in positive mindset and motivation.
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