Nutrition Clients: Meet James & Marissa

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Congratulations to our Nutrition Clients, James & Marissa!

James and Marissa worked together with our Certified Nutrition Coach, Sarah McNamara, in the months leading up to their wedding to reach their individual goals.


James: My wife and I did the 6 month nutrition program with Sarah. We both had different goals and Sarah did an amazing job differentiating and prioritizing our goals. My body composition significantly improved. I had such a great experience in the nutrition program because of Sarah.

Marissa: Sarah was my nutrition coach leading up to my wedding. With Sarah I was able to reach my goal and then surpass it! I lost a total of 25 pounds before my wedding day with her help! Her passion to help reach my goal really made it easy to work towards it. She kept me accountable by consistently reaching out weekly, answering any questions I had throughout the week, and setting up monthly check ins to see where I was towards my goal.


James: Sarah consistently followed up with us with weekly check-ins and adjusted our new macros in advance to accommodate for our meal planning and preparation. She was always communicative and willing to go the extra mile to answer additional questions we may have throughout the week.

Marissa: Sarah knows a lot about the body and what your body specifically needs to get to where you want to be. She truly wants to be a part of your fitness and health journey! She also worked with my husband on his fitness journey and she truly became our right hand gal through it all. I would recommend Sarah to anyone looking to kickstart their health goals. She’s AMAZING and I’ll definitely be back to work with her in the future.

Sarah is well knowledgeable in nutrition and provided us the tools to make this a new lifestyle change and long term sustainability. I highly recommend the nutrition program at Jada Blitz especially with Sarah. She truly cares about her clients and wants them to accomplish and surpass their goals.


James and Marissa were a pleasure to work with! They were each working toward different goals for their wedding day, but they worked together and motivated each other throughout the process. The two were SO disciplined! They were patient with me and trusted me and constantly met the goals I set for them! In turn, they each made immense progress! I am looking forward to hopefully working with them again in the future.


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