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Congratulations to our Nutrition Client Spotlight, Liz!

I have been with Nutrition Coach, Sarah for about six months. I was attracted to the all encompassing nutrition program: including the 1-1 coaching and accountability, pre-portioned food, and InBody progress scans. All of which made the program easy to incorporate into my day to day.


I’ve been a yo-yo dieter for years. I’ve probably tried all of the different fad diets, constantly chasing a goal weight only to achieve it, but not able to maintain it. As I’ve gotten older and life has become increasingly busy with work and family obligations, I realized I needed to find something that would be more of a sustainable lifestyle approach. This is what attracted me to the nutritional coaching at Balanced Body.

My initial goals were to lose 5 to 8 pounds and learn how to eat in order to maintain my goal weight. I have lost about 5 to 6 pounds, decreased body fat percentage, and increased muscle mass. In addition to the physical changes, I’ve learned how to plan and prepare for holidays, parties, and events, as well as how to adapt my meals on the fly when plans change. Currently, my focus is to lose the last couple of pounds, continue to lean out, and learn how to transition to maintenance.


Sarah has been super helpful from the start. She took the time to get to know me: my goals, lifestyle and vices. Sarah created a plan that would help me achieve my goals without having to sacrifice some of my favorite foods. She checked in each week and patiently listened to how I was feeling, making adjustments to my plan along the way. She was great about providing recommendations for different types of foods, recipe resources, and macro friendly family meals that I could make for the whole family while continuing to stay on plan.

In addition, the InBody scans were a great help for me see progress when the scale wasn’t always moving. Sarah helped me understand the other numbers to focus on such as body fat %. She also helped me step back and look at longer term trends to see how this progressed over time. This kept me motivated when results felt slow in the moment.

I really appreciate that Sarah helped me learn how to incorporate my nutrition plan into my life style. We spent a lot of time talking about how to plan and prepare for birthday parties, holidays, or nights out with friends- because life didn’t just pause when I decided that I wanted to focus on my nutrition. Sarah helped me learn how to leverage those events as ways to fuel my body to push harder in my work out the next day. I really appreciate that Sarah took the time to look at the whole picture: everything going on in my life in addition to the nutrition. She helped me realize that I didn’t need to be doing as much high intensity cardio every day. Once I dialed back on the cardio and focused more on strength training and hitting a daily step goal, I started to see progress more quickly, and the number on the scale decreased while I maintained or increased muscle mass.

By focusing on building a healthy lifestyle, I learned that progress doesn’t always happen overnight. Patience, consistency and dedication will lead to longer term results that will last. This shift in mindset has helped me realize that one unhealthy meal, night out, or weekend away isn’t going to derail my progress. There is no falling off the tracks, just staying on and maneuvering through whatever comes your way.

While short term goals are great to have, this is an investment in creating a plan that works for your lifestyle that you can stick with throughout the year. With that in mind, the coaching and tools you’ll learn are invaluable.


Coaching Liz has been great! She is so disciplined and such a hard worker. Liz was actually overworking herself. Her progress began to plateau a bit and we found that she was working out a bit too much. We cut down her daily HIIT to just one or two sessions a week and focused more on strength training. Not only did we start to see more progress in her physique, Liz started to actually feel less inflammation and pain in her legs! I love that Liz is always willing to go the extra mile! She is willing to trust in the process and my guidance and do whatever it takes to reach her goals.


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