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Congratulations to our Nutrition Client Spotlight, Jaymee!

I started working with Sarah through the Jada Blitz Fitness Nutritional Program in July. I was inspired by Sarah’s pre-wedding transformation and it motivated me to work on my nutrition to accomplish my own wedding goals! I’ve always been someone with a passion for health and wellness. I already ate healthy, but was tracking nothing! I was very new to understanding macros and didn’t own a food scale. I knew my nutrition needed refining because I wasn’t meeting my body composition goals.


My initial goals were to “be in the best shape of my life” for my wedding. I’ve definitely reached those, but I’m still remaining motivated to see what I can do before the big day! My progress has been less visible and more tangible. While I’ve seen the scale and my body fat drop some, I’ve also been able to lift more in the gym and also feel generally better day to day.


Sarah is amazing! She has an answer or quick tip to refine any area of my nutrition. Whether it’s from switching protein sources, a grocery store recommendation or measuring accurately, she’s always there! Sarah is so knowledgeable and motivating! I was in the process of picking a reception dress for my wedding and who did I text? Sarah! She’s been so great with checking in during the process, especially about the wedding. I appreciate her guidance and friendship!

I really love that Sarah is mindful about how eating for your macros can affect you. During my cut, she has been really cautious of maintaining hormonal balance and still listening to my hunger cues. I think that’s super important for a sustainable change and one that’s not always understood / prioritized.

You can be eating healthy but still eating incorrectly for your body! Nutritional Coaching made me rethink my understanding of ‘eating healthy’. It broke down a lot of food rules I’ve developed over the years and helped me eat for my goals. For anyone thinking of joining the nutrition program, I would say it’s definitely worth trying!


Working with Jaymee has been great, I’ve known her for a little while now. She has always been very disciplined in living a healthier lifestyle so getting started was easy! She is super determined to meet her goals and is willing to do whatever it takes.

Jaymee came to me for help before her wedding. She was doing great working toward her goals on her own, but needed help with those last few pounds and looking a bit more toned. Working with Jaymee has been such a treat because I was recently in the same position! I understand the stress that comes along with wedding planning and also the feeling of really wanting to meet your body composition goals for that special, once in a lifetime day.

I love how determined Jaymee is! She wants to meet her goals, but like most of us, has had an insanely busy summer. Her honesty and communication with me allowed us to plan for trips and weekends away where her nutrition may be lacking. Even with her busy schedule, we are still seeing progress and getting close and closer to reaching her goals!

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