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Congratulations to our Nutrition Client Spotlight, Casey K, who worked 1-1 with our Team Nutritionist, Aubree, for 4-months as she learned to optimize her performance. Her goal was to qualify for the 2022 Boston Marathon and to do so through proper nutrition and training.


My name is Casey, I am 35 years old and I worked 1-1 with Aubree for four months on my nutrition. Before I met Aubs, I struggled with trying to fuel my body for endurance running-training while keeping up with strength. I needed to be held accountable. My goal was to qualify for the 2022 Boston Marathon and to do so through proper nutrition and training.

I ran my personal best marathon this summer with a few nagging injuries! With Aubree’s guidance, I learned how to fuel properly for long runs and how to stay hydrated during the hot months. Her coaching added a lot of value to my long term goals and my results. I now have a better understanding of  macros, how to eat before long duration runs, and how to fuel-recover my body properly through diet before and after long training weeks, I now recover better!


From the very first impression, Aubree was super nice, but still told me what was up. She held me accountable (my biggest issue) and really listened to how I was doing and tweaked things accordingly throughout our time working together. She knows her stuff and goes above and beyond!

I appreciated the way Aubree digs into things to develop the right program focused on your goals and needs. Her coaching is truly customized. Other plans I’ve tried are much more ‘canned’ or ‘cookie cutter’. She stayed on top of things and adjusted as we went, even when little hiccups on my end came up — we tackled them together and kept going. Her coaching, support, and education played a significant role in my current successes and future achievements!


Looking back at the start, I remember having my four week InBody scan and 1-1 coach’s check-in meeting with Aubs. It showed really great results — I lost weight in body fat and maintained lean muscle. This is really hard to achieve during endurance training! I was proud of all of the hard work and counting macros, it was all paying off. I learned so much about body composition in terms of how to make it best for both endurance training and running.

I used to live in the Buffalo area, so I was able to tour Jada Blitz Fitness in-person. I truly appreciated how kind and encouraging everyone was. I worked with several trainers at Jada because I was ‘all in’ for the marathon training and meeting my goals. If I didn’t move out of town, Jada would still be my home. I genuinely looked forward to going – it was fun, motivating, and felt so inviting and cozy (…can a gym even be cozy? I think Jada is).

While Aubs did my nutrition programming, I also worked with Nick (Jada Blitz Fitness) for personal training to maintain my strength and with Dr. James McMullen – KinetX PT to support my body through those nagging injuries. I loved that they worked together as a team and communicated with one another during my marathon training. The moment I started to have trouble with pain and injury, Aubree was able to suggest physical therapy, and Nick was always willing to adjust and accommodate my crazy schedule to make sure I was getting in my strength sessions. They pushed me to be better and to always try harder!


If you have ever been on the fence about nutrition and athletic performance, trust in the possibilities. Nutrition is a huge part of training and without it you won’t get optimal training sessions in, I truly believe it helped to achieve my running goals. The financial cost is just a part of it, but the investment and the time kept me committed. The results certainly made every bit of effort and expense worthwhile.

I can’t thank each of you enough for getting me across the finish line. I am forever grateful!

Interested in learning more about our nutrition services? Ready to start working 1-1 with Aubree toward your health and fitness goals? Reachout today to or text (716) 218-0038. 
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