Group Fitness Member of the Month: Margie

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Congratulations to our Group Fitness Member of the Month, Margie!

I joined Jada Blitz in early 2020, just before Covid. Previously, I had been a member of the BAC since 1986 and when the women’s club on Evans closed, I was left searching for a new place.

I had taken Alex Withee’s class for years at the BAC. When I found out she was moving to Jada, I decided to follow her and give it a try myself! I actually didn’t Cycle at the BAC. I was a big fan of Alex’s step class, which I still take from time to time.


My current goal is mostly focused around maintaining muscle mass as this is so important for women of a certain age.

Since I have joined Jada, I have been totally hooked on Cycle Classes, I even remember the cycle classes in the parking lot during covid! In addition, I have taken classes in the Blitz Room. I really like to mix it up.

Jen never disappoints for a ride that is a combination of hills and cadence, with lots of challenges all the way through. I like her mix of music and her very friendly and motivational style. I also like the use of the screen, which gets the whole class working together.

Overall, Jen creates a great class vibe. She also mixes in some of my personal music favorites upon request, which I appreciate as it makes the class even more fun. Jen is awesome!

One thing I’ve learned from my experience here is that getting started is sometimes the hardest part. Jen often reminds the class of this, especially during the early morning sessions. Once you enter the room, she will guide you through it.

This has also proven to me that even in the most challenging times or situations, you shouldn’t go at it alone. Your leader, peers, friends, family, or even just the people around you can help you navigate life’s challenges. I’ve never walked out of a cycle class, or any workout for that matter, thinking, “I wish I hadn’t done that!”


I have always loved Group Fitness Classes because I know that I will work just a little harder and for a little longer than I would if it was doing it on my own. Being in sales my entire career, I am just a tiny bit competitive. The others in the class keep me in check as well. While I don’t need to be the fastest or the strongest, or put the biggest numbers up on the board, others in the room motivate me to push myself just a bit harder! My advice is to just go for it!


I am thrilled to announce Margie as our Group Fitness Member of the Month! She has consistently demonstrated incredible dedication and hard work in our classes. Her commitment to her workout schedule is truly inspiring.

Margie’s enthusiasm is infectious; she brings joy to every session by singing along to the music and cheering with her classmates. It’s a pleasure to see how much she enjoys her class experience.

From the moment I met Margie, I noticed her impressive strength and endurance. Since then, I’ve witnessed significant improvements in her power and performance on the bike.

Margie is a valued member of our Group Fitness Community. She warmly welcomes and assists new riders, embodying the inclusive and supportive atmosphere we strive to create. As a regular in my class, her presence genuinely helps me set a welcoming tone for everyone.

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