Group Fitness Member of the Month: Brian!

 In Member of the Month

Congratulations to our Group Fitness Member of the Month, Brian!


My initial goals were to get my health in check. I’ve had family members with serious health conditions and it honestly scared me. Because of this, I wanted to make a change with my own health.

I recently enlisted in the military so on top of getting my weight in check, my current goals include trying to build my muscles.

Before Jada, I hadn’t really tried any Group Fitness Classes. I remember the first time I took a Cycle class, it was a Rhythm Ride and as soon as the choreography started I thought “oh crap”. However, as the classes went on, it really became easier and more enjoyable. I then decided to try Power Rides, and soon as I heard “add more resistance” I said yet again, “oh crap”, but I now have the strongest legs I’ve ever had and it’s really the only thing that gets me to the gym.

What I LOVE the most about Jada is the Cycle classes. From the music to the encouragement during the class, the Instructors make it fun and it feels like you’re not even working out.

Jen plays songs that have me pull my phone out to Shazam pretty much her whole playlist lol. For Jen’s class, I sit nowhere but in the front just so I can have her positivity rain on me (yes that is a Lady Gaga reference)

The Group Cycle Room, to me, is the ultimate safe space. Yes, it’s pretty much a pitch black room, but you have 5 to 17 other people in there riding along with you, and you ride to your instructor giving you the most important and also beautiful affirmations. They let me know that I’m worthy, I am beautiful, and that I’m strong. I carry all of that with me each and every day. For example, in the words of Dr. Brandi Luther King “I know it’s not easy, but you were not built to break”


DO IT. I was nervous at first; but honestly you’re in a room full of people with the same goals as you. Go at your own pace, get stronger, come out victorious.


Brian has been a consistent rider in my classes. I absolutely love the energy that he brings to class and to the cycling community here at Jada.

Brian stands out because of his consistency and because of his passion for cycling. You will see him in the cycling room at many different times and in different types of cycle classes: Power Rides and Rhythms Rides. He brings great energy and strength to both types of cycling.

I chose Brian as Group Fitness Member of the Month because I have seen him improve his strength on his bike. I am always impressed with his power and endurance in my classes.

In addition to being a passionate rider and great community member, Brian is genuinely fun to have in class. I appreciate when riders show up at 5:55am and can bring fun energy and make me laugh. It’s hard for anyone to workout at 6am and sometimes you just need to show up, have fun, and laugh a little.

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