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We’re officially halfway through September, and you may still be struggling to get back into a fitness routine. Hitting the gym on a regular basis takes time, planning and commitment. And while you may be running short on one (or all!) of those, it doesn’t mean you have to stay stagnant. Our head trainer Reilly Burke put together different everyday workouts for you to incorporate into your regularly scheduled workday.

1) Take the Stairs – and Then Some

This is the most obvious fitness hack, Reilly explains. “Just swapping out the elevator for stairs at your workplace is a great start. If you’ve got more time, try a few sets of sprints, or work in some tricep dips at the bottom or push-ups at the top.” To see Reilly demonstrate this hack, check out our post here.

2) Hourly Energy Bursts

It’s easy to let the workday get away from us. Reilly suggests setting a timer and once per hour, taking five minutes to do basic body weight movements. “There’s a lot you can do to engage and activate your muscles without worrying about getting sweaty. Push-ups, lunges, squats, or even Supermans are all things you can do in sets of ten that wake up your body and give you a fresh burst of energy.”

3) Simple Stretches

“Sitting at a desk all day can easily lead to upper crossed syndrome: rounded shoulders, forward head and in turn, a lot of stiffness and pain from the hips up,” Reilly explains. Working in simple arm circles, neck and shoulder rolls and back extensions can make a big impact on how your body feels after that 9 to 5.

4) Turn Everyday Objects into Workout Equipment

You might want to save this one until you’re home, but there’s a lot of basic household objects that you can recruit for at-home workouts. Reilly’s favorite is using gallons of milk for farmer carries, a sturdy kitchen chair for knee-ups or just dropping into a good old fashioned plank.
Do you have any other tricks for working fitness into your daily life? Drop us a line and share it!
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