Clients of The Month: Christina & Theresa!

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Congratulations to our Clients of the Month, Christina & Theresa!

We began our journey at Jada Blitz because of our interest in working with a Personal Trainer. A close friend, Kate, who trains here, highly recommended the facility.

While we have been consistently working out for years, we had never worked with a trainer before. Our goal was to find someone who could push us out of our comfort zone and assist us in training for a fitness competition.


Christina: The main goal is to lose body fat. While we aren’t where we want to be yet, there’s definite progress! My current focus is still on losing body fat and reaching a point where I can prepare for a competition.

Matt is awesome! He matches our vibe perfectly, pushing and engaging us while patiently listening to our latest life struggles. I genuinely look forward to our sessions!

What I enjoy most about working with Matt is the progress I see when it comes to increasing my weights. I can feel myself getting stronger.

There are many fun memories from our sessions but I would have to say my favorite is his patience with my ADD. He needs to repeat himself often to me because….squirrel!

A valuable lesson from this experience so far is realizing you are stronger on the bench when your feet push into the ground!

Theresa: Our main goal is to get stronger and more lean. Currently, my goal is to decrease body fat and increase muscle mass, an ongoing process. Ultimately, participating in a figure competition is a bucket list item for us.

Matt has been amazing! My sister and I can be a handful together but he is patient, funny, and engaging. He challenges us to lift heavier, demonstrating confidence in our abilities.

Matt has created an enjoyable atmosphere to work on our goals. He also has a great memory and will ask about things we randomly talked about the week prior. I appreciate how truly engaged he is during our time with him.

One thing I’ve learned from this experience is to push yourself  because you are stronger than you think.


Christina: Give it a try. You will never regret investing in yourself!

Theresa: Go for it – you won’t know until you try, and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.


Christina: Fitness is feeling good internally and externally.

Theresa: Fitness is whole body health – physical, mental, and emotional


Working with Christina and Theresa has been amazing. It’s the perfect happy medium of both training intensely while having an extremely fun time. Every single session together brings me joy and working with them reminds me exactly why I got into training in the first place.
I mostly enjoy the positivity each session brings. Despite what is going on outside of here, they never come in with a bad attitude. We laugh, work hard, and continue to push the limits every session. Positive energy is contagious and both of them are chalk full of it, making working with them beyond an enjoyable experience
Christina and Theresa are always looking to challenge themselves, despite the difficulty of some goals they set, they consistently embrace the challenge. From taking on the “hard 75 challenge” to aspiring for a figure competition (not an easy task by any means), they continuously strive for improvement. In the meantime, they are getting stronger, moving better, and pushing themselves harder each week. Both of them have made plenty of PR’s on lifts here, have reached other PR’s outside of here (such as recently with a 1 mile run PR) with no sights of stopping to reach more anytime soon. I am just nothing short of proud of the work these two put into themselves daily, their consistency is admirable and undeniable!
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