Client of The Week: Melissa!

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Congratulations to our Client of the Week, Melissa!

I have been with Jada for the last 6 months and specifically joined the gym to train with Travis. I sought out physical therapy for pain with my hip and lower back as it was interfering with my ability to do normal, everyday activities. My husband was working with Jimmy McMullen, who works out of Jada, and I started seeing him in August of 2022. Once I had made some progress, Jimmy suggested I start with a personal trainer and recommended Travis.


My initial goals were to increase my strength and return to the gym without re-aggravating my hip and back. I was able to reach these goals with the help of Travis and Jimmy. With their communication about my specific situation, Travis has been able to shape his training program for me around my needs and limitations. This is definitely an advantage of working with a personal trainer who has such easy access to my physical therapist!

My current goals are to continue to strengthen in support of my back. I am also working toward pull-ups and I believe I am making steady measurable progress towards that goal.

My training experience with Travis has been very positive. I believe that he really cares about his clients and is willing to listen and adapt to their needs. Travis and I have gotten to know each other well and in turn, I have gotten better at communicating with him about how I am feeling- what is working and what isn’t. Travis never takes any of this feedback personally and I feel that he does not bring any preconceived ideas of what I “should” be doing or what my goals “should” be.

What I enjoy most about working with Travis is his kindness, his patience, his positivity, his continued encouragement and the fact that he pushes me just enough each workout to where I am sore and making gains, but not going so hard that I experience setbacks in my rehab journey. In addition, Travis is amazing at cueing me to focus on the right muscles so that I am doing the work in a way that is safe and helps me grow stronger in the right areas.


For me, personal training is about taking the time to focus on myself and my goals. Having someone design and help me execute a personalized program for me based on my needs and goals. I have spent a lot of time in gyms but I am still not skilled at putting together an effective program for myself. A trainer does that for me. He also knows when to push me and provides the accountability I need.


The staff has been friendly and helpful without being intrusive. I like that.


For me, “Fit” is about function rather than aesthetic. I am 50 years old now and I still want to be able to do all things physical. I enjoy doing far into the future, which means I want to be fit enough to hike long distances, go camping, take aerial classes, dance, box, travel, and defend myself if necessary. Being able to do all of those things with confidence and without pain is the definition of fit for me.


Melissa was referred to me by the resident physical therapist, Doctor Jimmy McMullen. After making significant progress with her pain she was ready to continue her progress with her fitness. Collaboration with Jimmy is one of my favorite parts about working here at Jada.
I have to say I got lucky to start working with Melissa. Though she was previously in some significant pain, she is one of the most coachable clients. We have made significant progress in her strength, and did so without recreating the pain she was once experiencing. She went from feeling fragile to busting through progressions on a regular basis. Some of my favorite moments are when she reports back about how her body feels in the days following our sessions. Thorough muscle soreness in places she hadn’t been used to feeling with an absence of stiffness and joint pain. That may not seem like much, but knowing the struggle to overcome ware and tear from the past and make progress in the gym is very empowering! I couldn’t claim these feats by myself. I love her drive and desire to do better.
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