Client of The Week: Meet Paige!

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Congratulations to our Client of the Week, Paige! She has been with Jada Blitz since the end of March when she started her training with Tiffany.


Paige’s fitness journey began in January 2020 when she decided it was time to finally make a lifestyle change and signed herself up for a challenge at a local fitness studio.
I was referred to Jada Blitz by a friend and it has been my favorite gym I’ve ever belonged to.
Paige decided she wanted to sign up for personal training because she didn’t have much experience lifting weights at the gym and didn’t want to hurt herself trying to do so. She also felt she needed some help in reaching some of the goals she has.


Working with Tiffany has been nothing short of amazing for Paige.  She encourages Paige to push herself every session and to lift weight she’d never try on her own. Tiffany is very knowledgeable and supportive of  Paige and her goals. Tiffany continues to remind Paige that we are aiming for long term progress here, not instant results that won’t last in the long run.
It can be easy to be discouraged of where you are now in comparison to where you thought you would be, but good things take time.  I couldn’t have been paired with a better trainer.
Tiffany makes me feel very comfortable at the gym and answers any questions I have.


The two goals I had when signing up for training were fat loss and muscle gain. I also wanted to gain comfortability at the gym. Since I started, I’ve gone down a fat level, lost 10 pounds, and went down 2 pants sizes.


As  stated previously, Jada Blitz has been her favorite gym that she has belonged to. The owner always makes it a point to say hello and overall,  her experience has been great. The staff is friendly and the environment has been welcoming.



If you’re thinking about signing up for personal training, do it! It’s the best decision I’ve made for myself. It allows for consistency in life and is an outlet for me. I am able to watch myself grow and succeed in ways I never thought possible.



Paige is so much fun to work with! She is super hard working and gives 110% every single session! When I throw something crazy her way she does it with a smile and pushes her way through it! Paige has shown a huge interest in improving her squat! Every single leg day she walks in prepares to have fun, but also to have her butt kicked, literally!
With training Paige, not only has Tiffany received a hardworking client, but also a new friend. Their sessions go by so fast and Tiffany feels like there’s never enough time with her. She shows up and puts in the work every single session. She has shown some tremendous improvements over their time together and she cannot wait to continue to work with her throughout her fitness journey!
Paige has lost over 10 lbs and gained 5 solid lbs of muscle since starting with Tiffany. She has also improved her endurance and has taken on running again in her spare time where she continuously sets a new 1 mile time!
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