Client of The Week: Meet Jen!

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Congratulations to our Client of the Week, Jen!


Jen has been a member with Jada Blitz since August of 2019. Her fitness journey began when she met Trey at another gym in July of 2017. After being his client for two years, she went with him when he switched gyms.


What Jen enjoyed most about working with Trey is being able to meet the goal they set and just crushing it.
 He knows exactly what you can and cannot do. He strives for you to be the best you can be while having a kick ass sense of humor at the same time. It has been the best experience of my life and I made a great friend in the process.
A memory that Jen has working with Trey is one time he had her throw a ball at the ground to catch and she totally nailed herself in the face. You can say that hand-eye coordination isn’t her strong suit haha.


Jen’s current goals are to be healthy, both in physical and mental health.

Jen’s initial goal when she sought out a personal trainer was pretty much just to be able to do a push up.

I literally had no upper body strength. Trey makes you work for it.



Jen states that everyone at Jada Blitz is very friendly and super helpful!



When considering a personal trainer, I would say go for it. Don’t tell yourself that you can’t do it. A positive mind not only sets the tone to your workout but also your life.




Jen started at a pretty low fitness level and was already working out. The level of transformation she’s been able to achieve over the past 3+ years has been incredible. She’s seen me consistently 3-5 days a week the whole time, hits her protein requirements daily and walks daily. She’s become very strong by any standard and it’s wild to see.
A great memory working together?  I mean, us getting her to a 350 deadlift was pretty sweet
I love that Jen has the sense of humor of a sarcastic grandpa. It’s hilarious.
Jen’s progress is consistent. I believe that hard work in all aspects of fitness does crazy things over time. Jen has been great to work with!
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