Client of The Week: Kim!

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Congratulations to our Client of the Week, Kim !

I have been with the Jada Blitz Fitness fam since March 6th of this year. My main reason for joining Jada Blitz was because my trainer got hired from Crunch Gym and I didn’t want a new trainer, I wanted to stick with Whitney.

When I followed Whitney to Jada Blitz, I fell in love with the gym. I work as a site supervisor security guard at the Eastern Hills Mall, so it is very convenient for me to go right from work to working out.


My initial goals were to lose inches and gain muscle while also working on strengthening and toning. So far, I have noticed a very big difference in my cardio vascular. At first, I was gasping for air between sets.
I’ve now noticed that my clothes feel different- they are more loose, and I feel lighter. Many people have given me compliments on my hard work so far. I’ve cleaned up my nutrient and cut out a lot of sugar. I’m also drinking a gallon and half a day.
As a single mother who works full time, my son is my main reason to be better. I want the best life for him and myself.
Currently, my goals are to increase in weight and have good form when doing the exercises.
Whitney is a very kind hearted country girl. She’s very open and we shoot the breeze all the time while working out. She pushes me at the last part of my set and sometimes I will go beyond that. She’s very encouraging and always tells me that “I got this”.
We have had some set backs with my right knee and lower back giving me issues. Whitney has done tons of research trying to figure out stretches and exercises to strengthen my knee and hips. Although it’s helping, I know I have to keep consistent. I also appreciate that Whitney is very flexible schedule wise when it comes to family issues, etc.
Whitney and I are always laughing and having a good time while working out. We are able to vent and talk about exercises and nutritional meals during our sessions. She’s very understanding if I’m having pain in my knee or back and will give me moderations to switch up the exercise- targeting the same muscle group.
One memory I have with Whitney is when I was finishing a set and she tripped a bit on the bench. She acted as if she didn’t even trip at all and we had a good laugh about it!
I have gained a lot of valuable lessons while working with Whitney. I’ve learned to practice my form before slowly adding on more weight so that I don’t injure myself. She’s also taught me new stretches and exercises that I can use to benefit me along the way.


I was someone who didn’t think I’d need personal training or that I could afford it. Honestly, Whitney is the best thing to happen to me. I have set goals for myself and am now smashing them. She is giving me all the tools to go on and grow my knowledge of fitness. It’s not always a bad thing to get help sometimes, I’m really happy I said yes to training with Whitney.


Jada Blitz is a beautiful gym. It’s not so over crowded and the staff here are very friendly and lovely. I’ve never had an issue and I don’t think I ever will.


Fitness is my me-time, or as I call it, therapy sessions. Being a single mother, I seem to forget that I’m not just a mother. I need to be consistent and responsible in taking time out of the week, even just for an hour, to focus on myself for a bit. I do face mom guilt, believe me. But I know that if I don’t take care of myself, I won’t be able to take care of my son. He gives me a will power I never knew I had. I’m not only doing this for me, I’m doing it for him as well. It’s my happy place and stress reliever in a healthy way.


In the 4-5 months that we have been working together Kim’s cardiovascular health has improved tremendously as well as her strength and stability. Each week we are adding more weight to the bar and as a trainer, that is always so fun and encouraging.

Training with Kim is always a lot of fun. Although we get a lot of work done, our sessions are chill with lots of chatting. My favorite memories include anytime Kim takes two scoops of pre-workout 🙂

I appreciate Kim’s work ethic; she is always willing to go the extra rep and I know that she is putting her all into each exercise. I don’t have to motivate her to push hard because she does it herself. Kim always does her homework and it shows when she comes for the next session.

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