Client of The Week: John!

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Congratulations to our Client of the Week, John!

I joined Jada Blitz and have been training with Anthony since early 2019.  I had been thinking and talking about getting into a regular exercise routine for some time. After feeling the effects of working a sedentary desk job and greatly reducing my physical activity following an injury, I was carrying some extra weight and feeling out of shape.

I am grateful to my lovely wife for kick starting my fitness journey four years ago when she bought me a year membership and training package at Jada Blitz for my birthday.  Jada Blitz provided personal attention and an atmosphere that I really liked. After having an initial consultation with Justin, I was paired with Anthony. The attention and commitment they gave to me to reach my goals confirmed that Jada Blitz was the right choice for me.


My initial goal was to “get in shape” – to lose some weight and feel stronger.  I’ve had some ups and downs in my journey but Anthony held me accountable to consistently show up and do the work.  I am definitely healthier and stronger.

My current goal is to see increased muscle mass and reduced body fat when I check in with the InBody every 4-6 weeks.  I’m off to a great start this year by increasing the number of weekly workouts and adding additional cardio sessions.

Training with Anthony has been key to my success so far.  Having regular appointments with a trainer creates accountability and drives commitment, especially through periods of low motivation.  Anthony not only holds me accountable to my own goals, he has taught me pretty much everything I know about proper exercise and nutrition.

I still work with Anthony weekly after 4 years because he continually mixes up my routine, pushes me to work harder and lift heavier, modifies exercises when my knee or back is acting up, teaches me about proper mechanics to prevent injuries, and we get more sets done in 30 minutes than most people do in an hour.

I’ve really enjoyed spending time with, and getting to know Anthony.  Not only is he my fitness accountability partner who teaches, guides, and challenges me to reach and set higher goals, but he has become a friend.  Over the four years of training with Anthony, we’ve had the opportunity to have a lot of conversations despite spending most of the time working or catching my breath.

During the Covid shut down, I wanted to keep my momentum even though the gym was closed. Anthony and I would meet a couple times a week on Zoom and he inspired me to make use of what I had at home to workout – toolbox goblet squats became a staple in my routine during that time.

I’ve learned that intention, focus, and commitment is just as important, if not more important, than the exercises themselves.  Showing up and working out is better than not, but doing so with a specific intention aligned to a specific goal and focusing on specific exercises is what gets better results.


To anyone thinking about joining a gym or trying personal training, I’d recommend just getting started.  It can be intimidating going into the gym at first but Jada Blitz has a welcoming and inclusive vibe.

Working with a trainer is a great way to get started, learn the equipment and proper techniques, and exercise without having to think or plan workouts.


I’ve really enjoyed the facility, equipment, and especially the people at Jada Blitz.  It’s an inviting and  comfortable gym with friendly and helpful staff.


For me, fitness means feeling good and being able to keep up with the kids!


I’ve been training with John for a while now. He always asks good questions and puts in the work. I always make sure no matter what he has going on in life we make his sessions about him and what his goals are at that time.
My favorite memory with John include InBody days. That’s more of an inside joke. Like with everything in life, InBody days can be a kick in the ass or an affirmation. Either way it keeps both of us accountable.
What I enjoy most about training John is his commitment. It’s really cool to see someone that is so involved with their family and kids still find time to work towards their own personal fitness goals. It’s admirable.
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