Client of The Week: Greg!

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Congratulations to our Client of the Week, Greg!

I joined Jada Blitz with a few of my friends in December 2019. We heard great things about the new facility from other members and decided to give it a shot. We all had a great experience working out at Jada for the first time on a guest pass, which led to us becoming members before we left. I remember the atmosphere and the state-of-the-art equipment standing out. We’ve all been going for about three years now.

I started going to the gym at my university for the purpose of weightlifting in 2018. I have always been interested in running, and I wanted to start working out with weights and resistance to build strength that would contribute to my running progress. Since I was very inexperienced, I primarily used machines. Fortunately, I received guidance from my close friends, who are much more experienced weightlifters. Still, I always felt my training could use more direction, as I struggled to pick things up as quickly as I wanted.


My initial goals with training were to build functional strength and learn exercises and stretches that would alleviate pain from injuries to my knee and shoulders. I have made good progress in recovering from these injuries, which has given me the confidence I need to exercise without the risking re-injury.

My current goals are to build on the progress I have made and incorporate more running-based exercises into my program. I have many weightlifting and running goals for 2023; my hope is that with hard work and consistency, I will achieve my goals in both categories.

I began training with Jalal back in January this year, and the whole experience has been phenomenal. Jalal is very knowledgeable and has been able to work around my injuries and limitations. He always knows how to adjust an exercise if I have any discomfort while doing it. One thing that amazes me about Jalal is he always knows the best weights for me to use when doing an exercise. For certain exercises, such as leg pressing, he has shown me that I can lift much more weight than I thought.

I remember when I first started training, I had trouble keeping my heels on the floor while squatting due to ankle flexibility issues. Jalal showed me a few stretches I had never thought of trying and in less than a week, I was able to keep my heels planted, which was a nice accomplishment for me.

What I enjoy most about working with Jalal is seeing improvements not just in the weight I lift, but in the results I see on paper when we do the monthly InBody scan. Since the first time I have done a scan, I have made strides in the two categories I am most focused on, which are skeletal muscle mass and percent body fat.

The most valuable lesson I have learned from training at Jada is that progress comes slowly and gradually, and it’s easier for me to notice that progress since I started documenting my workouts on my phone. It helps with progressive overload, and it gives me an idea of where I am at with my training.

I’d like to thank Jalal for everything he has done to guide me through my fitness journey. I would also like to thank my friends who I still go to Jada with for their help and support over the years.


If you are on the fence, I would definitely recommend giving personal training a try. Through my experience with it, I have learned a lot about optimizing my time at the gym, mind-muscle connection, and how to substitute different exercises when the machine or weights you want are taken.


The Jada staff has always been warm and welcoming. Anytime I have needed something from them, they have been able to fix it. There’s always someone around in the gym area who is there to give you a spot or tips.


It’s been a great experience training with Greg. He’s gained and maintained 10lbs of muscle and made so much progress with his body control since we started almost a year ago.
With Greg, he’s very attentive to the workouts we do. What I appreciate from Greg is his willingness to work on his form outside of the gym and determination to get things done safely and efficiently while nursing old injuries. As a runner, he realizes health and wellness is a marathon not a sprint.
I think the one of the best things I’ve noticed is his rise in confidence when it comes to bigger lifts and compound movements. We’re still working and I can’t wait to see his confidence get even higher mentally and physically.
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