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Whether you are just starting off in the gym or are a seasoned exerciser, personal trainers can help you grow in many different ways. Sometimes a little insight goes a long way and knowing just how much a personal trainer can benefit your goals and lifestyle choices can help sort out uncertainties or thoughts that you don’t need one at all.

I’ve tried everything but I can’t get the results I want.

Working with a personal trainer will give you a second set of eyes and a second brain! Not only will they be able to review your current training program, but they can create a whole new one for you that is appropriate and effective for your short and long term goals. 

No matter how many times I say I’m going to, I can’t get myself into the gym.

Personal trainers get it. They understand that finding the drive and excitement to get into the gym can be challenging for many clients. Being passionate about their jobs and helping you better yourself means they are in your corner to help you work through those struggles and create a schedule that is realistic for you.

I want to learn how to exercise on my own and do it the right way.

Whatever the goal, a personal trainer can help educate and guide you there. Working with a fitness professional means learning proper form, body mechanics, sets and rep ranges, and equipment use. Gain confidence and an educated understanding of exercise while developing a great physical foundation!  

Self-accountability and motivation aren’t my jam.

If you are struggling to keep yourself accountable and motivated about sticking to a gym schedule, rely on someone else to do it for you. That’s right, personal trainers are there to keep you on track both inside and outside of your training sessions. You can expect regular communication, insightful guidance, and constant support. These three areas can dramatically impact the desire to do better and be better for yourself!  

I already know enough, I don’t need someone telling me different.

No one knows everything, and we all have areas we can improve on. Working with a personal trainer provides the opportunity to grow physically, mentally, and emotionally. Whether it is proper form, miseducation, the same old routine, or a combination of old ways and habits, you can expect an entirely different experience with a personal trainer. 

Lifting weights will make me fat.

Actually, lifting weights will make you strong, and building lean muscle will ignite fat loss. Skipping meals regularly, crash dieting, working out on an empty stomach, and training incorrectly for your goals….now that could potentially make you fat. 

I’m so bored with my workouts.

Getting a fresh perspective on things can be a life changer! A personal trainer can open your eyes up to new techniques, programming styles, and ideas to reach your goals in a different way. Working one-on-one with a fitness professional will give you the chance to dabble in things you may have been curious about in the past but had uncertainties about or lacked confidence in trying.

2 hours in the gym gets it done for me, a 30-60 minute session won’t be enough

If you are shaking your head like “YES that is so true and so me”, I challenge you to try a 30-60 minute personal training session. Having an effective workout doesn’t mean slaving hours away at the gym. In fact, if you’re spending an excessive amount of time training yourself, you may be doing way too much! Train smarter, not harder. 

Working out hurts my body too much and won’t help me feel any better.

The best part about working with a personal trainer is that they are there for you and want to help your body be and feel better. Training isn’t limited to moving weights and sweating a lot, it can be focused on whatever you need out of your session. This can take on many different forms from muscular rehabilitation to stretching and flexibility, regaining coordination and mobility, core stabilization, even reducing chronic pain and inflammation through movement. The possibility of finding a true balance in your health and wellness is limitless when you are working with a fitness professional.

Personal training is too expensive.

There is a secret value that comes with investing in self-care and prioritizing our health. Take a moment to think about the unhealthy habits and lifestyle choices you make on a daily basis. How much are you spending on hurting your body? Now think about how you could use that money and turn it into longevity, vitality, and freedom from unhealthy decisions. Are you a weekend drinker? A weekly restaurant go-er? Routine drive-thru visitor? Smoker? Crash dieter? The list can go on forever. My point is that we deserve to be at our best regardless of any past history of health failures. A personal trainer carries no price-tag when you are invested for the best reason, yourself!  


Aubree “Aubs” Shofner
Fitness & Nutrition Professional
Jada Blitz Fitness

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