Aubs in the Blog: Welcoming Home the True Masters of Strength

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Our space, our brand, our lifestyle—who we are at Jada Blitz Training. Entering the New Year, we are so excited for the opportunities that lie before us in the upcoming months. Since I began my personal training career working under Justin, I can say there are a handful of things about our facility that he takes a tremendous amount of pride in. Whether you are a visiting guest, newly joined/seasoned gym member, or a patron training client, you know we are not just another fitness facility. Our members and our team bleed black and red.

Over the next few weeks you will notice three new additions to our training floor, and no, I’m not talking about staff members . . . sorry guys, you’re stuck with us! Within the fitness industry, there are a handful of renowned and prestigious companies busting ass every day to redefine strength equipment with a superior and authentic range of machines.

Before I get into the juicy details that I know you are now dying to hear, let’s backtrack to how we even got to the present anticipation. At the brink of 2018, Justin approached our team and asked, “What can we bring to the floor that will generate more client-member value, provide better structure, and bring stronger results?” Now, let me tell you, whenever a question is presented to our team, be it hypothetical or definite, the amount of effort and consideration that goes into every final decision under this roof is nothing short of remarkable. So much thought is put into what Jada Blitz Training will bring to the forefront of the WNY fitness community, and not a single detail goes overlooked or underresearched.

For our newest additions, we wanted a company that met our mission eye to eye and would help us bring something fresh and explosive to our training floor. We had to choose—and surprisingly, it wasn’t hard. Drumroll, please…

Yes, you read that correctly. Our team will be welcoming home three brand-spanking-new pieces of Arsenal Strength equipment! First, we have a new way to target and torch those shoulders with the pin-select standing lateral raise. Second, we are super pumped to finally be bringing in a pin-select dual-function adduction and abduction machine—that’s right, inner and outer thighs beware! And finally, we’re adding an exceptional plate-loaded machine to target the back: a bent-over row bench.

For those who aren’t familiar with the Arsenal Strength name, this company is committed to bringing results through top-quality strength-training equipment. Their goal is to supply dominating machine pieces that are ergonomically designed out of high-grade materials while providing a customized color scheme on their frames and padding to truly adhere to their customers’ vision. This drive to connect and serve within the fitness community is exactly what Justin wanted to bring to Jada Blitz, and here we are finally sharing the news!

So what can you expect from each of these new machines?

This is said to be one of the most sought-out pieces of equipment for targeting the shoulders. With its unique, custom design, you can use this machine bilaterally (movement produced by both limbs working together) or unilaterally (movement produced by one limb). Arsenal has created rotating handles for comfort throughout the entire range of motion with a pivot point in its work arm to allow for use by persons of all different sizes and heights. This machine also features a max load of 200 lbs, and you can choose your weight by simply pulling and inserting the pin. The standing lateral raise is great for the beginner to the advanced and is very user friendly.

This machine is another pin-select piece featuring a beautiful walk-through design with a max 200 lb load. The inner thigh (adductors) and outer thigh (abductors) through use of resistance are the primary target muscles when using this machine. By adjusting the positioning of your legs on the comfortable padding, you simply press together or draw away to fire up your adductor/abductor muscles. This is another user-friendly machine that allows you to isolate and focus on specific areas of your lower body.

Among the brilliant features of this machine are a special 5-foot bar with 8-inch-high handles and an adjustable footrest, which allow users of all sizes and heights to reap the benefits. Not a fan of the bar? You can also take advantage of the movement with dumbbells—this machine comes with a special place for those too. The bent-over row bench isolates and focuses on the upper back while keeping you from constricting the diaphragm and allowing you to maintain control of the target muscles. Although this is not a pin-select machine, the ability to plate load gives you complete weight customization for better progression and a greater challenge.

Stay tuned as we prepare to welcome Arsenal Strength to the Blitz. For more details and highlights, please give us a follow on Instagram @jadablitztraining or on Facebook, “Jada Blitz Training.” #WEAREJADABLITZ

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