Treat Your Mind and Body to a Massage

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Do you ever treat yourself to a massage?  Many people consider a massage to be a luxury item, but now I look at them as part of a client’s wellness plan.  I would rather spend my money on a fantastic massage rather than on another item that is going to clutter and collect dust in my house.  Sometimes it is difficult to make time for a massage, but treating yourself at least once a month is a great starting point.  Massage shouldn’t be treated so much as a luxury, but as part of a wellness plan, right alongside exercise and proper nutrition.  Here are just a few good reasons to make time for a massage today…

Massage therapy is a great way to reduce anxiety and stress.  The vast majority of disease and complications are brought on by stress and anxiety.  Massage lowers cortisol levels in the body and increases levels of serotonin and dopamine.  These chemicals alleviate the stress that we endure every day, promoting perspective and clarity.  The movement of lymph fluid is promoted through the body’s natural defense system by massage therapy as well. 

The most common response I get when I ask client what causes them pain or tension and needs to be treated with a massage is upper and lower back pain.  Over 30 million Americans suffer from lower back pain and millions of dollars are spent on traditional medical treatment, worker’s compensation, and lost time from work.  The average American worker sits between eight and nine hours per day at either a computer or driving.  By constantly sitting, our shoulders are pulled forward and rounded.  Our upper and lower back muscles become overstretched and weak.  Postural deviations develop, but coupled with massage and strength training, can be addressed.   Regular massage can help you alleviate pain and get back to feeling your best.

Many clients are not just exercising regularly these days, but challenging ourselves with athletic events, such as obstacle races, marathons, and bodybuilding competitions.  Massage can help every athlete recover well from these events.  Leading up to the big event, massage can be incorporated to reduce muscle soreness and tightness and keep joints mobile and flexible.     

If you are looking to make massage therapy a part of your wellness routine, please contact Stephanie Szpila at Blitz Body and Mind Massage to book your appointment today.  She can be reached at (716)866-3261

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