Top 5 Fitness Apps

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Whether you’re trying to motivate yourself to get to the gym, need a little extra push getting through a gruesome workout, want to walk more throughout the day or you’re trying to lose weight, today’s fitness apps are incredible, and can help you meet your fitness goals.

Fitness applications are extremely convenient and can be very beneficial if used diligently. Some apps track your fitness, from your set goals, to the rigorousness of a HIIT treadmill workout or the number of steps taken in a day. No matter what your fitness ability, you certainly find a way to implement an apps into your routine if you want.

Here is a breakdown of the top fitness apps in use today and a few that our trainers at Jada like using:

  • My Fitness Pal – This free app (there is a premium version that can break down your macros as well) is compatible with many fitness trackers and can not only keep tabs on your caloric intake throughout the day, but you can also log your workouts and better understand the balance between exercise and calories burned.
  • com App – This app lets you not only order the supplements needed for your daily routine, but you’re also able to familiarize yourself with new exercises and implement them into your workout routine.
  • Nike + Running App – If you’re a runner and/or getting ready for spring training, try this app out. It can help you reach your goals by enhancing your focus on speed and distance. This app syncs music so you never run out of songs during an intense run and has built-in training programs. So whether you’re training for a 5K or a marathon, this app can help you get there.
  • Cyclemeter – Cycle kings (and queens), this one is for you. If you are a huge biker, familiarize yourself with this app, so when spring hits, you’re ready to go! This app is comprehensive and fully customizable with its charting feature, which provides in-depth stats for your viewing after the ride. This app also tracks walking, skiing and others.
  • Fitbit App – This app tracks not only your workouts, but your all-day activity, sleep, calorie intake and more. Although you will need a fitness band to benefit fully from this app, once you make the investment, you won’t regret it. The bands range from $49.99 to over $200.00, dependent on the style you purchase and with what features. Go for a heart rate monitor option if possible, because this will help you accurately track calories burned during a workout.

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