The Importance of Core

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When it comes to starting a fitness routine in order to build a healthy lifestyle, it’s extremely important to start with refining the basics. This all stems down to your core! Your core has many different purposes that will not only help you during exercise but through everyday activity.

One of the most noted problems that a strong core can help prevent is posture/back problems. How? Someone who lacks core strength can be noticed by their posture, as their shoulders will round into the chest causing the spinal cord to arch forward creating a pain sensation throughout the lower back (Lumbar). A strong developed core can help prevent this problem from occurring in the future. This overall will help you with everyday activities, for example sitting for long periods of time, picking up a laundry basket, doing yard work, etc.

With a strong core to help prevent improper posture, less risk of injury will occur. Your workouts in the gym will be improved with a strong core from perform proper form to being able to create more power in your lift. Your core can help you stabilize yourself throughout your lifts and will be most noticeable in compound lifts.

Say you are going into a barbell squat, once the barbell is rested on your traps and you step away from the rack, what’s going to help you support the weight is the strength of your core preventing the weight from rounding your shoulders forward and pushing the weight into your toes instead of the ball of the heel. The more stability that is created coming from your core, the easier it will be to lift with proper form and lessen the risk of injury during your workouts. Always remember to ensure the longevity of health and fitness, start with the basics and build your foundation in order to crush your long term fitness goals

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