Blitz Body 10 Week Challenge

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Are you ready to get motivated and transform your life this summer with us? Jada Blitz Training is offering two great new options this summer to help you get the body you always wanted at the beach!

The Blitz Body Ten Week Challenge kicks off at the end of June and it is a great way to keep your motivated throughout the summer! Two new total body fitness classes will be added on Wednesday and Friday mornings from 1030am-1130amstarting on June 28th until September 1st. This ten week program will run throughout the summer and provide you with an opportunity once or twice per week to attend a great semi-private group fitness class. This class is appropriate for people of all fitness levels, from beginner to advanced. You will tone up quickly with heart pounding intervals between strength training moves targeted to hit every body part. A ten pack of classes can be purchased for $125 or twenty classes can be purchased for $250 and can be used throughout the course of the summer. This a fun way to get in shape this summer and get you started on an amazing fitness journey!

Ready to drop some inches and get the scale moving now that the summer months are finally here? Be honest with yourself! Do you need more accountability? Are you tired of trying numerous restrictive diets and programs? Are you making choices that push you closer to your goals? The Summer Shred Program is an excellent deal on nutrition for flexible dieting packages. We would love to get you on board. When you purchase five months of nutrition for only $500, you will receive the sixth month free! The nutritional coaches at Jada Blitz will help you get the weight off this summer and maintain a great physique for the rest of 2017 with this great deal!

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