Structured Training is a No-Brainer

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Since the start of my own bodybuilding journey, I have encountered the same questions again and again: Aubs, how many times a week do you train? Don’t you get bored doing the same thing over and over again? Why doesn’t your body acclimate and stop progressing?

My answers never change: I train six days a week. I don’t get bored because I am always looking to progress. And my goal-specific training program never stops challenging my body.

Being asked questions like these have always baffled me—mostly because training is my number one passion, but even more so because there should never come a point in anyone’s training where they find boredom or lack of results. It is because of these two factors that I am a structured programming aficionado. I believe in coming to the gym and training with purpose.

So, now that we have established how I avoid the boredom factor and continually work toward my goals, let’s chat about how you can do the same and learn about the totally-amazing-rad benefits that can be reaped from using a structured training program.

Any goal needs structure, whether in the form of a written plan listing steps and deadlines or an informal journal for keeping yourself accountable. No matter what, knowing where you are at and where you are headed is crucial to success. When you are inside the gym, applying this simple principle can be a huge game changer to making strength gains, achieving weight loss, or hitting a fresh PR.

Key Takeaway Numero Uno: A structured training program literally removes the thought process of how you will reach your fitness goals. You will have more time to focus on things like nutrition, stress management, recovery, and HELLO, life in general. Once you have a defined goal and purpose for why you are training, finding a program that suits your needs should be your second priority before hitting the gym.

Regimented training helps us find motivation and creates self-accountability. One thing I have learned over time is that when we are busting ass inside and outside of the gym and see no results or substantial progress, it is easy to feel discouraged and immersed
in negative thinking. When we choose to engage in a structured training program, we can work confidently in the direction of our objectives knowing that we are following a game plan designed to get us to where we want to be.

Key Takeaway Numero Dos: A structured training program provides us with the motivation to work hard each and every single day. It also holds us accountable for our own actions and decisions related to our goals. Again, the thinking is done for you—all you have to do is the work! See, most programs are designed with a certain amount of days in the gym followed by a specified rest day. If you don’t follow your program as it is structured, you might as well not follow it at all. Chances are it has been designed with a purpose, and if you disregard the formatting, you won’t see the results.

For many people, meeting goals is the main drive behind going to the gym. Unfortunately, goals can be our very own kryptonite. Setting up a fitness goal without an understanding of the expectations of how you will reach it can end as a complete failure, resulting in discouragement and lack of motivation to continue forward. This is where a structured program benefits anyone who has struggled with achieving a short- or long-term goal in the past. Fitness, kinesiology, and medical professionals work hard to design programs that cater to specific goals and objectives. Whether you want to gain muscle, lose fat, or simply maintain a healthy lifestyle, these experts can help.

Key Takeaway Numero Tres: Leave it to the pros! Stop going halfway and quitting on yourself. Don’t lose your motivation because you don’t see the results you were hoping for. Invest in a goal-specific program designed with a stated purpose and detailed plan, and you’ll be more likely to successfully reach your goals.

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