Steps Towards Living a More Vibrant Life

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It seems that lately, a lot of us are struggling with taking the time to feel mentally and physically healthy despite the many stresses that life throws at us.  There are many ways that we can take the time out of our day or week in order to feel more at peace with ourselves and the week progresses.  

Meal prepping is the answer to many of our real struggles.  It is the easiest way to prevent yourself from bingeing on empty calories or getting hangry mid-day.  It is also conveniently the best way to save money, save time, eat cleaner, cook less, and clean less (by doing less dishes).  Let’s say you have a normal day at work and you eat breakfast at home, eat lunch at work, and then dinner at home.  If you are running late for breakfast, you need something quick and you either either a bowl of sugary cereal, stop at a Starbucks for a pricey latte and muffin, or drive through the McDonald’s line and grab a cheap sausage, egg, and cheese muffin.  You may think you are getting the fastest, cheapest, and easiest breakfast, or may even consciously believe you are choosing the healthier option depending on where you stop.  However, you could make healthy breakfasts for the entire week, save money on the small spends that add up, and save time by preparing everything once per week.  Meal prep in batches and prepare food for the week, while saving time, cooking and cleaning less often, and eating healthy.  If meal prep isn’t your strong suit, then try out Jada Blitz’s sister company, Balanced Body foods, to provide you with healthy, balanced meals for the week.

Make some space in your life by cleaning up shop around your home.  By clearing the clutter, our brains are free to think about more important things. Each week, clear one or two items from your house.  You can either give the item away, throw it away, or find a new use for it.  If you have more than one of something, then get rid of extras.  Get rid of expired food goods or foods that you are no longer committed to eating in support of your healthy and happy goals.  

Everyone needs a wink and a smile every now and then.  Spread some love and positive vibes by encouraging the other people you encounter throughout your day.  A small bit of cheer or a tiny good deed can go a long way.  There are also so many things to be thankful for.  Every day, list four or five things that you are thankful for!  You would be surprised how good you feel when you focus on the positive and can find the silver-lining in the worst of days.  

Don’t forget to take some time for yourself and include some great self-care activities to treat yourself.  Take a few minutes to give your muscles what they need by foam rolling before your workout, participating in a yoga class, or stretching in the morning before you leave for work.  You would be surprised by how good you feel after even five minutes.  if you have a particularly stressful week ahead, give yourself the treat of an hour massage at Blitz Body and Mind Massage. Spend a few minutes during your week enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend or getting a manicure.  Taking time out for yourself is so important for mental health.

To set up a massage, contact Stephanie at Blitz Body and Mind Massage at (716)866-3261.  

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