How do you stay on track during the holidays

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For anyone that finds themselves getting off track with their nutrition and fitness during the holiday season, then this is for you!


The holidays, such a beautiful and busy time of the year. Many experience the pleasure of receiving time off of work, while for others, their work simply slows down.

Family and friends travel into town and plans are made to get together. Of course the first thing many want to do is go out to eat and socialize – -surrounding ourselves with loved ones and food can be as comforting as a tall glass of wine (I learned that one from my wife).

So, the real question here is how do we enjoy these important times and stay on track with our nutrition and fitness goals?

IF YOU ARE SOMEONE WHO TRACKS MACROS, I recommend scaling back on your overall caloric intake. A reduction in calories can give you room to enjoy yourself without adding unwanted body-fat.

One HUGE tip I want to share is if you know in advance that you will be having a nice dinner that will be untracked, consume lower calorie dense foods – stick with lean protein sources and veggies for your carbs. This gives you a nice buffer and won’t derail you for the entire week.

Lastly, I can’t stress the importance of having balance in your life. A couple of untracked meals will not hinder you from achieving your goals. However, restricting yourself can leave you missing out on quality time with your loved ones. So make the most of the holiday season and enjoy!

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