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For many people trying to prepare meals on a regular basis, being strapped for time becomes a major stress factor in the kitchen.  There are many products available to cut down on the time spent each week preparing meals. Eating smart doesn’t have to eat into your busy schedule.  There are a ton of shortcuts for vegetables, meat, and more!  

There are many new brands of riced vegetables available in the produce aisle and also the frozen food section.  Cauliflower rice is a great swap, especially for those who are looking for lower calorie options. Riced cauliflower is an amazing food swap that can be paired with any lean protein for a quick and easy meal. I love adding riced cauliflower to Mexican taco salads and stirfries for more volume. Steamed vegetables are another great option that can be microwaved right in the bag.  There are a ton of options, including some that are already seasoned with sauce.  Just make sure you’re reading the label carefully so that you know exactly what you’re getting.  Try mixing up a stir-fry mix for an Asian-inspired meal that is quick and easy for dinner!  

Fully cooked chicken sausage is a great protein to keep in your fridge or freezer.  It can easily be sliced into coins to be browned in a skillet along with some vegetables.  For a quick and easy breakfast hash, dice an apple, sweet potato, and a chicken sausage and brown all of them in a pan.  Al Fresco, Applegate, and Trader Joe’s are all great brands for finding macro friendly sausage links that are low in fat.  

Tuna pouches are another quick and easy option for meals that doesn’t require any actual cooking.  Tuna pouches are great because you do not need to drain and flake a can of tuna, add condiments, or try to get the flavor balance just right.  These pouches contain a perfect portion size of protein with some great flavors, including Thai chili, lemon pepper, and sweet and sour.  

Cracking eggs can be messy and separating the yolks can be even worse when in a breakfast rush in the morning.  Grab a carton of egg whites for last minute breakfasts.  

If you are having trouble planning your own meals or finding the time to prep healthy options, check out our latest meal options from our sister company, Balanced Body Foods.  You can place your order directly online or pick up some great options right from our storefront cooler.

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