When is the right time to do a mini-cut?

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Ever consider doing a mini-cut? If so, here’s what you need to know.

Overall progress can rely heavily on how in control of your diet and training regimen you are. Depending on the goal, I think it is crucial to have a clear understanding of what a mini-cut is and when putting your body into one is a smart idea. First, I suggest assessing your current body composition – this covers all areas: weight, caloric input v. caloric output, what your goal is, and most importantly…why you want to enter a mini-cut in the first place.

To briefly describe what I am talking about, a mini-cut is a short period of fat loss that is more aggressive compared to a phase of steady, extended fat loss. The primary goal is to drop unwanted body fat that has accumulated while buidling muscle and strength. The purpose of the shortened period and more intense approach is to drop the extra fat quickly so you can return to eating more calories and building strength/muscle without loosing too much time inbetween.

The “right time” is always going to be dependent on the person and their goals, but I would highly recommend utilizing a mini-cut as a bridge between muscle building phases. This can be an extremely effective tool for anyone looking to spend more time in a caloric surplus without adding on excessive body fat.

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