Nutrition Client Spotlight: Meet Melissa

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Congratulations to our Nutrition Client Spotlight, Melissa!

I have been working 1-1 with CPT and Nutrition Coach, Dustin since January 2022. I have been a member of Jada Blitz Fitness for 5 years prior. Because of this, I knew that doing nutrition though them would be a great fit!


I have been struggling with nutrition for years; it has been even more complicated with that fact that I am plant based. I knew that I was not getting the proper nutrition that I needed to get the results that I was looking for. One of my goals for 2022 is to compete in a powerlifting competition! I knew that to meet his goal that having proper nutrition was going to be imperative to my success.

My initial goals going into this were to figure out how to eat properly as a plant-based lifter and to drop so weight. Currently, I am working on maintenance with where I am at with my macros/calories. I have seen such amazing results already regarding not only how I feel but in how strong my lifts have become! I am so happy that I am finally learning how to eat properly to fuel my body.


Working with Dustin has been great! I was worried about starting a nutrition program because I didn’t know if someone would be willing to accommodate a plant-based diet, but Dustin came to me ready and willing. He has educated me so much already about maximizing my food intake while eating plant based and I could be more appreciative of that.

The most valuable thing that I have taken away so far is how important it is to eat! I was not a good eater going into this program, usually skipping breakfast and Lunch, snacking throughout the day, and having dinner be my only meal of the day. This was not optimal for how active I am, and now I understand the importance of eating throughout the day and getting the proper nutrients.

If you’re thinking about trying a nutritional program, I would 100% say do it! I have been contemplating doing this for many years and regret not doing it sooner. Doing a program isn’t always about losing weight, to me it’s about arming yourself with the proper tools to eat well and to help you be the best you! I am so happy that I chose to work with Jada Blitz and Dustin!


Melissa has been a great client to work with, she is always on top of her nutrition and is always interested in learning more. She looks forward to her check ins to see how we are going to continue to reach her goals. She is super energetic and highly coachable. Since Melissa is vegan, it can be really hard to hit all your macros accurately; but, she has been determined to work hard and learn how to fuel her body and workouts properly and it has been paying off in the gym.

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