A New Way to Track Your Macros

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If you’re at the gym 5 days a week, you think you’re eating well but you’re still not seeing the physique you want, then Avatar Nutrition might be for you. Jada Blitz Training is excited to announce a partnership with Avatar Nutrition an online platforms that will guide you through a proper eating plan based on your individual needs. To maximize results, Jada is also offering a Coach-Lite service through their flexible dieting expert coaches, Stephanie Szpila and Vanessa Mesler.

Avatar Nutrition uses an online flexible dieting coaching system that determines your ideal macronutrient targets and provides you with the tips, tools, and tricks necessary for a successful journey. This system was initiated by Mark Springer and his partners in crime, Dr. Layne Norton, flexible dieting pioneer and Registered Dietitian Katie Coles. Their online coaching system, completely customizable to your personal needs and lifestyle, is backed by science, and proven to show results with countless success stories.
Avatar is based around the concept of flexible dieting – eating according to your unique macronutrient requirements rather than relying on wishful thinking and lists of “good” and “bad” food.

The Avatar Nutrition system generates your target numbers for grams of protein, fat, and carbohydrates necessary every day. As long as you remain compliant to these numbers, you will see your body change and become closer to your goal. As your body changes, your macronutrient needs will change and Avatar will update those requirements based on your personal goal.

If online systems like Avatar scare you, don’t let this one, because Coach Lite is a convenient one-on-one coaching service to help guide you through making flexible dieting part of your lifestyle. Both Stephanie Szpila and Vanessa Mesler have a success story with flexible dieting and want to help others achieve their goals as well. The Coach-Lite program consists of weekly check-in on progress as well as assistance with Avatar, food tracking, macro-friendly food options, recipes, and more.

Jada Blitz chose to partner with Avatar for a few reasons. Justin has nutritionally counseled hundreds of clients, and he saw the need to start offering alternatives to the intense, one-on-one coach-client system currently in place at Jada. Avatar offers our clients a program to maintain their progress but through a more “distant” method – working with the computer rather than a coach. This makes flexible dieting coaching a bit more affordable for our clients and also holds them more accountable for their actions when it comes to food.

The base rate for Avatar Nutrition is just $9.99 per month for the full range of online coaching. However, if you’re looking for that more one-on-one aspect while using the online coaching system, then the Coach-Lite program also includes close monitoring and live feedback on what’s working, what’s not and most importantly, why, for just $65/month (3 months for $150).

Learn more about Avatar and see if it’s the right fit for you, today.

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