New at Jada: Give Your Workout a Little Boost

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With the natural ingredients found in Mochatonix there are a wide range of benefits such as heightening alertness, energy and endurance levels as well as alleviating occasional fatigue and stimulating weight loss and control.

Mochatonix also features Advantra Z which assists in burning fat and increasing physical performance. When combined with exercise, Advantra Z can help to burn fat, build lean muscle mass, and increase physical performance. Not only will it provide additional energy for your daily routine, it can help the body use more efficiently the energy stored in fat.

Mochatonix can be enjoyed in numerous ways. It can replace your morning coffee, be added to your coffee, or added to a shake!

AWAKE Energy Shots

AWAKE Energy Shots will give you the extra charge you may be seeking throughout your day. With 200mg of caffeine, it is comparable to a cup of coffee but with zero calories and zero sugars which can be found other energy products on the market. These quick and convenient shots also contain amino acids and B vitamins which provide long lasting physical and mental energy without the crash later.

The AWAKE Energy Shots which come in grape and orange flavors will typically take between 10 to 15 minutes for the user to feel the effects. With these energy shots designed to provide sustained energy, working with your own body’s energy systems, the effects can typically last several hours.

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