How do you know if you’re making progress with your fitness goals?

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How often do you see people walk into the gym with no rhyme or reason? They have the right intention by being there, but don’t have a program or way of tracking their progress.

First, you should know what you are doing before you step foot in the gym. Take the time to write out, or hire a coach to put together, a training program that is geared towards your goals.

Once you have a training program that caters to what you are looking to achieve, make sure you begin to record what you are lifting during each training session. Some may like writing their sessions down the old school way, while others prefer to use their smartphone – either method is acceptable and I encourage you to do what works best for you!

Your main objective should be that you are able to reference back to prior training to ensure progress is being made. You’ll be surprised how quickly time passes when you look back and see that your lifts are getting stronger.

Remember, it can be hard to gauge progress based off of body composition, so having actual visual data is a great way to both confirm and affirm that you are continually moving forward in your training!

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