Jada Blitz Training Teams Up with The Boys & Girls Clubs of Buffalo

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The Boys & Girls Clubs of Buffalo provide diversified activities that meet the interest of youth covering five core areas: Character and Leadership Development, Education and Career Development, Health and Life Skills, Sports, Fitness and Recreation and The Arts. Programs focused in these areas engages our youth in activities with adults, peers and family members, enhancing self-esteem, building positive attitudes and behaviors, and developing to their fullest potential – The Boys & Girls Clubs of Buffalo

At Jada Blitz Training, we work and function as a team. We’re one cohesive unit, constantly putting our minds together to find new ways to continue our growth and make an impact on those lives that we touch.

Entering into 2017, we had many goals in mind–one of which was broadening our involvement and developing a relationship with our local youth. In our mind, this would be an opportunity that would allow our staff and trainers to take on the roles of leadership, mentorship and friendship amongst a much younger audience.

At the end of March, Ashley Draper (Jada Blitz Director of Operations) and myself met with The Boys & Girls Clubs of Buffalo’s group of directors in hopes of creating a future plan for our teams to work together.

“When asked why we chose the Boys & Girls Club, it was their mission to help their members succeed, and do so in a healthy manner, that aligned well with what we do every day at Jada Blitz Training”, said Ashley. “It was decided that we would work with the Eggertsville Clubhouse on a bi-weekly basis for an hour on Fridays for a total of five times. The attending trainers and staff would be responsible for organizing a program designed to encourage healthy lifestyle choices by creating a fun and educational environment while keeping the kids engaged in different fitness activities.”

Each week, the kids whose ages range from 5-18 years old, are presented with a different program filled with activities like stretching, kickball, agility courses, freeze tag, even wheelbarrow races up and down the gymnasium. Our trainers show up with true Jada Blitz pride and character, ready to have fun and create positive experiences.

As we enter into our final week with the Eggertsville BGC, the reward is beyond words for our trainers and staff. I speak on behalf of each of us when I say that a child’s smile is worth a thousand words, and if having our team present at The Boys & Girls Club helped change at least one child’s day. If we were able to teach something lasting in those sixty minutes, then we achieved what we set out to do.

You can’t put a price on how good it feels to know you are doing something positive for your community, but when it focuses on the younger generations, there is a very unique and special feeling that you take away when it is over.

We would like to express a thank you to the The Boys & Girls Clubs of Buffalo and Eggertsville Clubhouse, with special thanks to Aaron Coleman (Eggertsville Clubhouse Director) and Carol Hairston (Director of Donor Relations & Events, Babcock Clubhouse), for allowing us the opportunity to work with your kids. We appreciate the time and dedication you continually give to enriching the local youth community, and are honored to have been a piece in your ongoing journey.

By: Aubree R. Shofner, CPT

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