Group Fitness Members of the Month: Mandy & Rich!

 In Member of the Month

Congratulations to our Group Fitness Members of the Month, Mandy & Rich!

Mandy: I started at Jada in 2018 after Rich suggested I give it a try. Rich started going there in 2014. Both of used the smaller gym for personal training and worked out on our own at other local gyms. When Jada opened the new site, we knew it was the best decision to go to just Jada Blitz and start taking advantage of all their new amenities, classes and family atmosphere.


Mandy: Initially, we were both adding a couple days a week with a trainer to help learn new techniques and make sure we were challenging ourselves. We continue to do this so that we are constantly learning and adding to our workouts. We really benefit from all aspects of Jada Blitz. We do group fitness, personal training and work out on our own. Our goals remain to be as active and healthy as possible!

Rich and I really enjoy incorporating group classes as they challenge us more than just working out on our own. The HIIT style really gets the heart rate going!

Jill’s classes are so fun! She loves to throw in different challenges, especially push up related, and has great music to keep us motivated. Jill does not repeat the same thing over and over. She looks to change up the class to keep us engaged and it is working.

We cannot say enough about the classes. We feel exhausted (in a good way), after every class and I can never say oh that was easy. Having the classes remain hard shows that we are pushed on a regular basis and that is what we need and want from our workouts. We cannot allow ourselves to get too comfortable. The people in the class make it fun too. Everyone is supportive of each other, and it is nice to see the same faces at 6:00am!

One thing I’ve learned from taking Group Classes is to never doubt your abilities. You can and will amaze yourself!

Rich: The thing I like best about the group classes is that we get to do it together, make new friends and we are pushed harder than if we were just there to work out on our own. It’s a great combination of strength and cardiovascular fitness at the same time.

The instructors make it fun and mix up the workouts each week. Shout out to George who plays the best music from the 80s.

I was always a little hesitant to try the classes until I met Amanda, but now I would highly recommend them to anyone of any age or fitness level.


Don’t be shy! The instructors are great, and everyone in class was new once. You can always modify!


I have been an instructor at Jada Blitz for 2 years now! I teach bootcamp and strength & cardio.

I’ve chosen Mandy & Rich as our Group Fitness Members of the Month because they never miss a class and they’re always pushing themselves to their greatest potential.

Mandy & Rich stand out because of their work ethic and commitment to class. The couple have been in my class since I started teaching. I’ve noticed they’ve become stronger physically and mentally week in and week out.

Both Mandy & Rich are great role models for new members coming to classes and seeing them in the gym inspires others!

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