Group Fitness Member of the Month: Suzy

 In Member of the Month

Congratulations to our Group Fitness Member of the Month, Suzy!

I worked at the BAC for 17 years teaching step aerobics and when it closed, I decided it was time for me to join a gym and be a member, not an instructor.

I joined Catalyst on Maple Road but I could not find my niche there. Then Covid hit and my membership was over, making it the perfect time to find another gym. I looked around and finally found Jada Blitz! From the minute I walked in the gym I knew it was the place for me!!!


As a runner, my coach wanted me to add more strength to my workouts, focusing on legs and glutes. She also wanted me to add yoga into my routine to improve my stretching and flexibility. This led me to join a yoga studio in Clarence which was very expensive! Once I saw that Jada Blitz offered yoga on Sundays with Nadya, I canceled my studio membership.

The yoga offered at Jada Blitz with Nadya is the best yoga I have ever taken. My only wish is for more classes with her!

Since joining, my running coach was very happy with my yoga practice but wanted me to amp up my strength. This led me to take other Blitz Room classes with Brandi and George and I love it! I also recently signed up with Olivia for some Personal Training sessions to help me with my glutes!!!! I am a runner I have done 10 full marathons, 26.6 miles total, from the New York City Marathon to the Hawaii Marathon.
I’m 61 years young and will be running my 11th full marathon in October, the Chicago Marathon. With the help of Nadya’s wonderful yoga, the Blitz classes and Olivia’s PT, I know this will be my best marathon!!
Fitness is like a triangle you need strength, yoga and cardio !!!



I chose Suzy as our Group Fitness Member of the Month because of her commitment. She is in class every Sunday and always up for a challenge. I admire her strength.

Suzy stands out because not only does she learn from me, but I learn from her. I really enjoy Suzy’s presence, she always comes in with a big, bright smile!
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