Group Fitness Member of the Month: Lisa

 In Member of the Month

Congratulations to our Group Fitness Member of the Month, Lisa!

I have been with Jada Blitz since December of 2021 when my husband got me a membership for Christmas. He had been with Jada for quite a while and always talked about what a great gym it was. I belonged to another gym for years, but was open to making a change. After he gifted me my initial membership, I realized how much I loved it here and continued on my journey here!


My initial goals were to continue being physically active and to work on increasing my strength and stamina. I also wanted to build more muscle. As with most women my age, I wanted to lose a few pounds as well. Overall, I was looking to feel better about myself, as well as, feel more confident in my body and clothes. I wanted to prevent the midlife weight gain that seems inevitable.
It took time and commitment,  but I have seen a steady increase in my strength and endurance, and I have definitely built more muscle. I am even down a few pounds now and maintaining that. However, as long as I continue to take my classes and strength train, I try not to focus on my weight.

My current goals are to continue working on all of the above, in addition to pushing myself more outside my comfort zone. I do this by using heavier weights than I think I can handle. Already, I can see a difference.

I love taking group fitness classes at Jada. They are great because even if you’re exhausted or not feeling your best, you can just come to the gym and not have to think about what you are going to do to get a great workout in. The fitness instructors take care of that, and all you have to do is follow along. Next thing you know, you have your full-body workout done for the day, in an hour or less, and you feel better than when you came in; you feel accomplished.
I like that the class atmosphere at Jada is one of both support and challenge. Alex is very welcoming and supportive; she takes the time to ask about your experience and then explain what to expect in her class. When there are newer classmates, she will slow things down for a bit to teach the steps, so they can learn. She has a way of pushing us in class to challenge ourselves, but yet work at our own level, all while having fun.
Her workouts are challenging but worth it and during class, time just seems to just fly by. I like it when a workout leaves you feeling exhausted, but knowing that you really worked your muscles; you feel great because of it. Alex’s class and teaching style does just that.
I have tried most of the evening and weekend classes at least once. Obviously Sculpt & Step with Alex is one of my favorites and I am pretty dedicated to making both classes each week. The Group Strength class with Danielle is also one that I try not to miss.

One thing I’ve taken away from my experience here so far is that it’s never too late to learn or try something new!


Try all the classes until you find something you like. When you like a class, you are more apt to continue and when a class is fun and friendly, you will enjoy working out. Also, with step, it took me a while to learn the routines but I just kept going, even when I felt awkward while I was learning.

The bottom line: nobody cares what you are doing in class as long as you keep moving. Most everyone is helpful. Sometimes the classes are tough, but they are worth it. Being consistent helps.


I chose Lisa as our Group Fitness Member of the Month because she is a dedicated member of Jada. She consistently comes to class and pushes herself to become stronger.  Lisa has a positive attitude which makes her a delight to have in class. She has made it her mission to learn the choreography and steps when we do the cardio portion of class. I love that Lisa is willing to learn new things, even when class can be challenging, she never gives up.
I also admire that she is encouraging to new members that take class. Lisa is consistent with her workouts and continues to grow athletically and builds strength. I always look forward to her smiling face on Mondays and Wednesdays. Lisa is a part of our Jada community and a valuable member of the club!
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