Group Fitness Member of the Month: Amanda!

 In Member of the Month

Congratulations to our Group Fitness Member of the Month, Amanda!

I originally got started with Jada Blitz in February when I joined a friend for my first ever Group Fitness Class! It was a Rhythm Ride with Ashley and it was so much fun that I immediately joined Jada as a member the next day. Ever since that first class I have been consistently going to Group Fitness Classes.


My biggest goal since joining is to feel as mentally and physically healthy as possible. Since being consistent with these classes, I can truly say I feel the healthiest and happiest I ever have.  There is no better feeling than seeing all of your hard work pay off.

I originally started out just doing the Cycle Classes but then quickly branched out to try some other classes that were new to me. Now, I participate in almost all of the Group Classes that Jada has to offer. I have met so many amazing people (members and instructors) throughout these last 7 months. Before joining Jada, I never did Group Fitness and only worked out independently . Once I started Group Fitness, I noticed such an increase in my motivation and progress. Now looking back, I realized I was not pushing myself as hard as I could have been, which was holding me back.

Ashley provides such a comfortable and motivating environment for Group Fitness. She pays attention to everyone who joins her classes and remembers my strengths and weaknesses, which helps when I need modifications. Ashley cares for everyone she trains and is just as excited, if not more excited, than us to watch us reach our goals.  She will hold you accountable in going up on your weight for your last set or adding on a little bit more resistance in the cycle room. I know her help and motivation is a huge reason I have made so much progress at Jada.

The biggest lesson I have learned is that you are much more capable than you think you are. If you keep putting in the effort, your goals will be achieved and your hard work will pay off.


My advice to someone thinking about trying Group Fitness is to not be intimidated. No one is there to judge you. Everyone is very uplifting and motivating to each other and it’s pretty cool  to be surrounded with like-minded people with similar goals to you.


Amanda took my Rhythm Class in February this year. Accompanied by her friend (Sam), an existing member, she radiated a mix of nerves and enthusiasm. Her journey has been remarkable. The transformation is evident in her enhanced self-assurance and capabilities. During her strength sessions, I prioritize stability exercises, a nod to her self-professed lack of coordination and balance. Yet, her determination shines through, and improves with every class attended.

I selected Amanda as Group Fitness Member of the Month due to her embodiment of some essential pillars of a thriving lifestyle. Amanda not only enrolls in numerous Group Fitness Classes each week, but also diligently attends them. The challenge of cultivating discipline aligns with commitment, an indispensable aspect of progress. Fostering consistency demands commitment to your aspirations, ultimately leading to the best version of yourself.

Amanda always has a smile on her face and wears the cutest workout attire. Let me assure you, the choice of workout apparel that sparks joy has a great influence on one’s state of mind 🙂

Amanda is one of my favorite clients, and it’s truly thrilling to witness her flourishing. This extends beyond her fitness journey to encompass her personal voyage. I’ve been fortunate to observe her traverse milestones, from completing schooling and becoming an RN, to her recent engagement. Her beauty and strength radiate not only externally but from within as well.

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