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If you follow us on any of our social media platforms, or have been into the gym recently, you have probably seen our newest robotic addition to the team – – the InBody 570. This little machine goes beyond traditional body composition analysis (“BCA”) by accurately measuring fat, muscle, and total body water. If you are investing in your health and quality of life, this should easily become one of the most important 45 seconds of your day.

All the guts and the glory, the 570 utilizes the science of impedance …a fancy term for the opposition to the flow of an electric current through body tissue. This allows for accurate, non-estimated, body composition results without statistical data that would otherwise be necessary to predict body composition. This means the state of your body drives your results; not your sex, age, or height.

Our goal was to bring the most tangible, efficient and serviceable data to our members and clients in a quick period of time without tapping into sessions or workouts. After live demoing a model this summer and connecting with the InBody team, it was a no brainer that this was what our gym had been missing. To briefly touch on just how groovy this futuristic fitness tool is, I’d

like to give a little breakdown on the 570’s three main result categories:

  1. BODY FAT: measures body fat in pounds, measures visceral fat (aka fat around the organs), measures body fat percentage, provides fat amounts in the arms/legs/trunk;
  2. MUSCLE MASS: measures total muscle mass in pounds, provides full muscularity analysis of the arms/legs/trunk to determine imbalances and strengths;
  3. INTERNAL INFLAMMATION: measures extracellular water to total body water to derive inflammation caused by possible food allergies, sugar imbalances, and fat imbalances.

Knowing where you are at within each of these categories is extremely important in showing how your current health and wellness routines/habits/choices are going. These results allow for a more customized approach, allowing anyone to be more in tune with their body’s current state.

Let the machine do the calculating and our staff do the explaining! Our entire team has been trained on our InBody model, and will provide you with the necessary step by step instructions followed by a one on one explanation of your printed results sheet. No matter what you are working toward, we are confident that the data from the 570 will help guide you toward continual progress inside and outside of the gym.

Interested in testing the InBody alongside your New Year’s resolution goals? 2018 is YOUR year for change and our team at Jada Blitz Training is ready to welcome you into our family for our very first journey together in “CHALLENGE YOURSELF”. This 12-week program has been designed to educate and guide you into a long term lifestyle change in fitness, nutrition, self-accountability and personal health.

Through guidance with your personal coach, mandatory weekly group classes, and one on one training, you will work toward achieving your personalized goal while being provided the tools and resources to get you there. Winners to receive $1,500!

For more information please contact the gym or stop in today. Sign-ups are open now!

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