Fit Couple of the Week – Jaime Fetes and Brandon Farrell

 In Client of the Week

A healthy lifestyle is a passion we’ve both always had, but being able to do it together is what gives us even more motivation. From working out daily to cooking macro friendly meals, our passion and drive are at an all time high. Having someone who understands, accepts, and lives the same lifestyle makes it that much easier. Whether it’s struggling to get to the gym after a long day of work, or finishing the last 10 minutes of cardio, we push each other with words of encouragement or sometimes laughter and jokes, but we always get the job done, together.

Our own motivation is one thing, but the atmosphere at Jada Blitz brings it to a whole new level. The team there strives to be as encouraging and knowledgeable as possible. Every training session with Justin is different, intense, and better than the last, always making you want to come back for more. You walk out the blitz doors with the feeling of accomplishment and gratefulness for being part of such an amazing team and facility!!!

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